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    TBS 192 -SB Chevy 3115-HH 192 8mm "Mini" Blower Package Cogged High Helix Complete Setup
    3315 TBS 192 -SB Chevy  High Helix  8mm  "Mini"  Blower Package  Cogged 120 Degree  Complete Setup

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      Purchase 3315 TBS 192 -SB Chevy High Helix 8mm "Mini" Blower Package Cogged 120 Degree Complete Setup

      SKU: TBS-3315
      3315 TBS 192 -SB Chevy High Helix 192 8mm "Mini" Blower Package Cogged 120 Degree Complete Setup


      Black Anodize Package:
      Mandrel for 6 Bolt Blower pulley 192-250:


      NEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Recommended  for  Engines over 420  cu in  

      3315  High Helix    TBS    SB Chevy- 192  Blower Setup  - "Mini Blower"   with 8mm Cogged Belt Drive  *

      8.65"  from manifold to top  

      Used for under hood clearance   also used on   Bracket cars to keep ET consistant in changing weather . 

      * Does not fit with Vortec  or Fast Burn Heads.   *

      New 4366 EFI Billet injector holder  available     type  TBS-4366   for EFI  

      Race or Street   - commonly used on Alcohol high compression Bracket Cars to enhance the atmospheric  changes . 

      Works with gas, E-85 or Methanol --  For use with short water pump-   works well w Electric Water Pumps 

      CAN  make up to 13 lbs boost on a 383   about 12 lbs on a 400    15 lbs on a 350 

      this setup has a 2V Accessory drive   see  w optional  #3111  for  6 RIB serpentine type accessory drive

      A 71 style Supercharger sticking out of the hood is always a nice addition, but it may not be what you are looking for. With our 192/250 BilletCharger blower series we have solved that problem. Still producing the most boost in the industry these dangerously powerful blowers come in a beautifully small package.  Perfect for tight clearances and low profile under-the-hood applications.

      Complete Kit for Small Block Chevy    -3 LOBE High Helix 120 degree rotors w  Teflon

      • Billet Case
        • CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
        • Hard Anodized Interior  -Mirror-Like Polish
        • Low Profile Design (6-5/8"  tall including Billet Carb Adaptor) - Single Carb (4150 or 4500 *Please Specify when Ordering
        • Billet High Helix Rotors 3 lobe  Teflon OD Stripping  
        • Maximum Boost at low RPM   -
      • Billet Front Cover - Oil Level Sight Glass-Oil Drain Plug-Polished Pressure Relief Valve 
      • Billet Bearing Plates -Increased Strength over cast  -Hard Anodized
      • Included:
        • 192 Billet Supercharger with Snout

        • Supercharger Pulleys (*Please specify engine size and desired boost when ordering)
        • 8mm 2" wide Drive Belt  -Idler Assembly -All Necessary Gaskets and Hardware

      We stock Innovators West Harmonic Balancers and RCD Blower Hubs Suggest our Pin kit to pin the crankshaft, or our Innovators West Blower Balancer ,  

      or RCD Blower Hub  .

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