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    My name is Mike Chilando and I’m the founder and owner of "Alkydigger, Inc." aka – The Worlds Largest and Best Dedicated Fuel Injection, Supercharger Store

    My company began as the result of a happy accident back in 2006, when I decided to build a nostalgia front engine dragster using an early Hemi. Midway through the project my plans changed and I listed all the equipment for sale, soon realizing that at age 59 I was more suited to helping others find parts. I embarked on this new endeavor and also began offering service work for Hilborn and Enderle fuel injection systems, over the next eight years. In 2011 we formed as a platform to more successfully market the more sophisticated equipment. We then bought a new building and expanded the business again in 2013. These are High Quality product lines that compliment my fuel injection business. We now have over 5,000 items in our inventory including: Enderle - The Blower Shop - MSD - Holley - Aeromotive - Innovators West - Milodon - RCD Engineering - Hilborn - Phenix - Schoenfeld - Waterman - JoeBlo Speed - Torco - Hunt Magnetos - Jesel - AeroFlow - Star Racer - RBZ Billet parts.

    Products Include:
    • Enderle Fuel Injection- Master Dealer
    • Blower Shop superchargers from the under hood 192-250  to the Powerful XR-1 Blowers – Worlds Largest Dealer
    • MSD Pro 12, 20 , 44 AMP Magnetos and  Distributors
    • RCD Engineering Gear Drives, and Crank supports, and Drives
    • Alkydigger’s Zoomie Headers for Altereds, pullers, and Dragsters
    • Milodon Gear Drives
    • Joe Hunt Vertex Magnetos
    • JoeBlo Speed Equipment for LS Engines
    • Waterman Fuel Pumps  up to 35  gpm
    • Holley EFI –Tunnel Rams
    • Innovators West Harmonic Balancers and Belt Drives
    • SuperMag Magnetos, Coils, and Hydrometers
    • Torco - 100% Nitromethane
    • Hilborn Mechanical and EFI Injection
    • Quick Fuel Carbs
    • Jesel Belt Drive systems
    • Aeromotive Fuel systems
    • Waterman Fuel Pumps
    • Richardson Boys Billet Parts
    • Phenix Quality Hose and Fittings USA
    • Accufab Throttle Bodies
    The Blower Shop Superchargers is our premier product line. We stock more blowers than probably anyone in the US. We maintain almost every part that TBS makes in our inventory. Alkydigger will be pleased to assist you in whatever fuel system you want, or want information on: Enderle, Holley, Aeromotive, Waterman, and Hilborn. Shipping Daily in the US and International.

    Alkydigger offers complete restoration of Hilborn, Enderle, Crower, Algon, Pete Jackson, and Kinsler Injectors. We flow test fuel pumps, we will always provide Free Technical Advice to all our customers that we build and design fuel systems for.

    Our newest product line is Aeromotive-Waterman - offering Fuel Pumps, Drives, Regulators, and EFI  Equipment and Jesel Belt drive systems.

    In addition: Master Dealers for Enderle - and The Blower Shop -  and we also stock MSD - RCD Engineering - Milodon - Vertex - Innovators West and Jesel. Call with a price on popular stuff and we may just beat it.

    With fouremployees, and are adding on to our building  in 2020, we are always growing; thanks to all of you wonderful customers.

    Toni Chilando Taylor - Office Manager, and Sales - not too hard on the eyes either
    Shannon Chilando Cullen - Shipping, Receiving, Stocking, and Receptionist - thinks she's cuter than Toni, but they run about even
    Scott Babbitt  - Services Fuel Pumps, Builds injection, Flows Barrel Valves; and eats twice as much lunch as Mike
    Trudy Taylor  - Part time receptionist, and brings a bit of graphics to the table that was sorely missing – Granddaughter

    We work hard to ship our customer's orders on time, every time. After owning twelve different kinds of businesses, I have finally found the one that "fuels my passion".

    I am proud to be associated with:

    • Southwest Heritage Racing Association
    • The Mud Racers National Association
    • SouthEast  Gassers  ( Quain Stott )
    • Southern Outlaw Gassers
    • The Southern SlingShots
    • The MeltDown Drags in Byron, IL
    • The Mid Ohio Gassers
    • The Mid South Sprint Car Association
    ~ President,  Mike Chilando

    Our business model and mission statement is simple:

    Deliver quality new and used race and custom parts to my valued customers on time, at a reasonable price, and tell them what they need to hear, not what they may want to hear.

    "Just Good Enough" never is at Alkydigger's