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    3156 LS Chevy 250 Billet kit  2 LOBE - LS1-2-6   Cathedral port 8mm   Corvette Spacing Balancer

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      Purchase 3156 LS Chevy 250 Billet kit 2 LOBE - LS1-2-6 Cathedral port 8mm Corvette Spacing Balancer

      SKU: TBS-3156-Cathedral
      3156 LS Chevy 250 Billet kit 2 LOBE - LS1 LS2 and LS6 Cathedral port 8mm for Corvette Spacing Balancer


      Black Anodize Package:

      3156 LS 250 MINI BLOWER KIT   with Carb Type Manifold -  see 3157 for EFI Manifold  

      LS1  LS2   LS6  Cathedral Port  Engines     - 250 Blower Setup  -  Complete Kit

      Fits under hood  usually with no modifications - overall height of manifold, blower and carb adapter is 10.56"

      Solid Billet , with Billet 2 lobe rotors.    Mirror like polishing. 

      Makes PLENTY of boost for any engine up to 450 cu in -  for Street or Marine use

      Great Street sleeper blower to hide under the hood.  

      Also Used in High Compression LS   Chevy Race cars to add 3-4 lbs of boost to equalize Atmospheric

      conditions when the air gets dirty, and/or  corrected elevation  and density altitude caused a negative impact on  your ET .

      A 71 style Supercharger sticking out of the hood is always a nice addition, but it may not be what you are looking for. 

      With our 250 BilletCharger blower series we have solved that problem. Still producing the most boost in the industry these dangerously powerful 

      blowers come in a beautifully small package.  Perfect for tight clearances and low profile under-the-hood applications.

                                                 2 Lobe Straight Rotors w/ Teflon* will make 10-12 lbs boost on a   LS - even 450 cu in 


      • Billet Cast  -  CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
        • Increased Strength over cast --Hard Anodized Interior --Mirror-Like Polish
        • Low Profile Design (6.56 tall including Billet Carb Adaptor)
        • Single or Dual Carb (4150 or 4500 *Please Specify when Ordering) 
      • 2 Lobe or 3 Lobe High Helix Rotors -   see 3356     for the High Helix version  
        • Billet  Rotors -Teflon OD Stripping
        • Full length rotor shaft for increased strength
        • Maximum boost at low RPM 
      • Billet Front Cover
        • Oil Level Sight Glass-Oil Drain Plug-Polished Pressure Relief Valve 
      • Billet Bearing Plates-Increased Strength over cast

      • Included:
        • 250 Billet Supercharger with Snout
        • Intake Manifold Cathedral ports  (4.31 tall, machined for water and Polished)
        • Accessory Pulley 2V belt or Serpentine
        • Supercharger Pulleys (*Please specify engine size and desired boost when ordering)
        • Belt 8mm 2" wide belt 
        • Idler Assembly (Spring Tensioner, Pulley)
        • All Necessary Gaskets and Hardware
        • You will need a Aftermarket Balancer with a 6 bolt Blower We stock them under our Innovators West  area -  use the Corvette spacing f IW-842 for best results.  Bolt pattern or we can supply a Blower Hub for Approx $250.00 except on LS7 Dry sump engines - then us have to use our IW-850  Balancer.  



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