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    4006-EFI Birdcatcher w Progressive Linkage  Complete--for over 1500 HP

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      Purchase 4006-EFI Birdcatcher w Progressive Linkage Complete--for over 1500 HP

      SKU: 4006-EFI-bird-16
      4006-EFI Enderle Birdcatcher w Progressive Linkage Complete--for over 1500 HP Enderle- Holley


      Hat Riser raises 2" and Forward 2":

      EFI Progressive  linkage Bird   by Alkydigger 

      EFI Birdcatcher w progressive linkage  -  A marriage of  Enderle and Holley
      Alky Diggers new EFI  Bird  Catcher comes complete and is suitable for applications over 1500 HP  Using 16 Injectors and Holley DominatorECU- Aeromotive fuel pump and  Made in USA fuel filters

       The three-butterfly hat-style injector fits 6-71 and 8-71 10-71  14-71   applications and features  Holley Self Adjusting Dominator  Software. You can adjust it or leave it alone. It is  very streetable and can return better mileage than carbs.
      The Enderle hat called the Progressive Birdcatcher  is recommended for most street rods although the Big and Ugly EFI is available too if you like.

      They have  successfully married Enderle and Holley and North Coast Machine   in this beautiful transformation. All Enderle hats come fully polished, or it can receive an optional black Gloss powder coating

      . The unit's with 16 injectors  ingenious Billet  design from North Coast Machine  places fittings for fuel, vacuum, and injector wiring out of the rear of the plate for a cleaner look. The injectors can be seen from the outside  .  A different approach would be our TBS 2233  or  2333  8-71 or 10-71 EFI Blower which houses 8 injectors and then use the TBS 8 - injector plate which hides the other 8 injectors 

      Standard Features:

      • Holley self adjusting software Dominator 
      • 4-3/8"  " butterflies  with Progressive Linkage  -  one opens first , then two later
      • High quality, heat-treated aluminium casting
      • Polished finish
      • Comes fully assembled with shaft, butterflies, linkage, fuel rail and TPS mounted with connector and vacuum kit.
      • Idle Air Control
      • Butterflies available in red, purple, blue or black or polished
      • Mechanical hard line kit    optional            

      Let Alkydigger supply your Enderle injector, or supply a complete EFI  kit for you to install. Proudly made in the USA! Call Mike or Toni or Braden    at Alkydigger  615- 457-3192 for more details.  or e mail 


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