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    BAU- Enderle-Holley  EFI w Dominator ECU  for 1700 hp approx

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      Purchase BAU- Enderle-Holley EFI w Dominator ECU for 1700 hp approx

      BAU- Enderle-Holley EFI w Dominator ecu for 1700 hp approx



      For Blower Engines - "Streetable"  can  Support  up to 1600 HP * 

      Holley Dominator    ECU * will control a transmission if  desired

      Weldon/ Aeromotive  1700  hp pump

      16  Injectors for Gas or E-85

      Enderle Big and Ugly with Polished or Black option 

      The Enderle Big and Ugly offers enough versatility to fit a diverse range of applications, from a low horsepower small block Chevy to 600+ cubic inches on methanol. With that said, the BAU has become our go-to injector for the larger cubic inch applications especially on gas. In an EFI application, we can correctly lean out the fuel producing a tremendous amount of vacuum signal on the back side of the butterfly that can negatively affect throttle tip-in drivability. The BAU offers two distinct ways to reduce or eliminate the following tip-in issues.

      First, using the optional progressive linkage, we can completely shut the two secondary butterflies which entails opening the primary progressive butterfly farther thus creating a vacuum break. When one looks at a Bug or Bird Catcher for instance, all the butterflies are on a common shaft and as we close the butterflies to achieve an acceptable idle speed, these butterflies must remain slightly open. It is not uncommon for the engine pressure to bend the butterflies sucking them shut causing the engine to lose RPM. As the engine speed continues to slow, the pressure drops enough to allow the butterflies to pop back open where the engine regains RPM. This cycle continues creating a mechanically induced surge that cannot be eliminated. And in other instances, the butterflies can be completely sucked shut at the acceptable idle speed requiring extra foot pressure that pops the butterflies open resulting in an uncontrollable RPM surge. Regardless of which condition is experienced, throttle tip-in quality suffers dramatically. The vacuum break afforded by the open butterfly using the progressive linkage eliminates the sticking butterfly and the tip-in issues associated with it.

      Supercharged EFI applications from Alkydigger  Fuel Injection are used successfully in all kinds of applications from street to drag race applications. We have even proven our designs in the real life torture test known as Hot Rod Drag Week. Our hands on experience tuning and racing these same systems allow us to design a system for your application whether running gas, E85/E98 or methanol and with either eight or sixteen injector nozzles. Feld Entertainment Uses this concept  on their Grave Digger Trucks and others,  testing  and field testing proved the concept allowing Feld to implement EFI on their fleet.

      Let us work with you to custom design an EFI system for your supercharged application.

       Standard Features:

      • High quality heat-treated aluminum Enderle BAU3 casting with polished finish
      • Fully assembled with shaft, butterflies,  mounted TPS with connector and vacuum kit.
      • 16 Injector Plate above the blower with -12 Fuel Rails  which can handle methanol. * or 8 in the Injector plate and 8 in the Blower Case 2322   2333  2319 
      •   (1.25 inches in height)
      • 4-3/8"  butterflies with progressive linkage
      • 10.75 total height with the injector plate
      • Idle Air Control Valve 
      •    Aeromotiveor holley Spur Gear  EFI Fuel pump 
      • Weldon or Aeromotive  Regulator
      • Dual -12 AN Filters
      • Holley Dominator  Computer and all sensors and IAC
      • Options:

      • 8 injector plate and a TBS-EFI Blower with Injectors in the case   2333  - 2233 -

      • Standard Features:
        • high quality heat-treated aluminum casting with polished finish
        • Two -10 Fuel Rails
        • 16   balanced injectors( option for 8 in the injection plate and 8 in the Blower )


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