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    Leaking Down a Barrel Valve - Using Our Leakdown Tester

    How to use Alkydigger's Leakdown Tester to set your Barrel Valve.

    Hook the outlet hose to your inlet fitting on your barrel valve.
    Cap off  any   Brass  check valves.
    Put air hose with at least 100 psi on to the leakdown tester.
    Adjust the left gauge to exactly 100 psi.  .  This has to be on 100 lbs  during the test  and settings
    Read the right gauge for what you want the  percent Leakdown  to be..  You are measuring % of air passage on the right gauge, but using the left gauge to use exactly 100 lbs of air pressure
    Make adjustments to the connector rod between the butterflies and barrel until you achieve the desired leakdown %.
    Open and close several times making sure that your left gauge did not wander off of 100 psi.
    If it did, then re adjust the leakdown percent until it is what you are trying to achieve.
    Richer ( more leakdown)  slows the idle and Leaner ( less leakdown)   speeds up the idle.
    Call Alkydigger for suggested percentages for various combinations.
    You can also use the gauge to check your check valves to see what pressure they are .  Screw a valve onto the hose that would otherwise go to the barrel valve .  Then begin using the left gauge  by turning the  pressure regulator slowly until the check valve begins to hiss -  This will be considered the cracking point , which is the valve pressure .