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    Leakdown Setting Tool  for Mechanical Fuel Injection

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      SKU: Leakdown-AD
      Professional Leakdown Setting Tool for Mechanical Fuel Injections-Leak Down tests -6 and -8 AN


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      Professional  Leakdown Tester for Hilborn-Enderle-Crower-Algon-Engler- Kinsler -Rons    A MUST for any Mechanical Injection

      -6AN and -8 AN fittings included 

      Check you barrel valve leakdown in order to set your idle .

      Test Valves for accurate opening pressures


      Reads correctly :  30% =30%   not backward like some others.    

      Quit guessing at your flow and leakdown!

      A racer's must when it comes to Troubleshooting and Tuning your System!

      Easily checks the following components:
         *Main Checks
         *High-Speed Lean-Out Checks
         *Enrichment Checks
         *Idle Checks
         *Barrel Valves
         *Cylinder Leak Down
      Measure your leakdown and flow pressure with this gauge.
      When setting up a mechanical injection, you need to set your leakdown percentage.
      This gauge enables you to do just that!

      You can check your opening pressure and cracking point of your bypass valves, secondary valves, and Hi Speed lean out valves.
      This gauge is included in my Set Up Kit for setting up a Hilborn or Enderle Injection system.

      Set up with #6 fitting #8 AN Fitting
      With 18" hose with #6 and #8 fitting for Barrel Valve
      Comes with male fittings to attach to Female #6AN and #8AN


      How to use Alkydigger’s Leakdown Tester to set your Barrel Valve.

      • Hook the outlet hose to your inlet fitting on your barrel valve.
      • Cap off the other two Brass  check valves.
      • Put air hose with at least 100 psi on to the leakdown tester.
      • Adjust the left gauge to exactly 100 psi.
      • Read the right gauge for what you want the “Leakdown” to be.
      • Make adjustments to the connector rod between the butterflies and barrel until you achieve the desired leakdown %.
      • Open and close several times – making sure that your left gauge did not wander off of 100 psi.
        • If it did, then re adjust the leakdown percent until it is what you are trying to achieve.
        • Richer ( more leakdown)  slows the idle — Leaner ( less leakdown)   speeds up the idle.

      Call Alkydigger for suggested percentages for various combinations.



      ( Do not attempt to use leakdown testers made by Harbor Freight )  they last about one use  most of the time .