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    Wrong type of Leak Down Tester Problems – Very Costly

    Many of our customers experience  terrible milking of their oil and/or engine damage  when initially attempting to run their fuel injected engines.

    We give them a prescribed leak down percentage, and they attempt to set their barrel valve accordingly.

    Here is where the trouble begins – They might have a “Snap On“, “MAC”,  “Matco”, or “Sun” Leakdown tester which they modified for use with AN fittings.

    On our tester the right gauge is at xx%  leakage when the right gauge says  XX it is bypassing or (Leaking) xx .

    On automotive leakdown testers which have been changed to accept -6 fittings they usually read  XX  (whatever % we have prescribed) but the gauge is reporting on how much is being Retained, not Released, since it was designed to test cylinder leakage in an engine.

    So if we prescribed 20% for example for a small unblown engine, and you are using an automotive gauge, you will be  killing the engine by giving it 80% Flow at idle.

    By the time they figure it out, they are in to 20 gallons of wasted fuel, and two oil changes, frustrated, and beginning to hate fuel injection, all because they tried to save $150 using  an errant gauge that they did not understand. – link to our Gauge

    “There’s nothing more expensive than doing it twice”