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    Enderle Big and Ugly  BAU3   4-3/8"   on  Alkydigger  SB Chev  Tunnel Ram

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      Purchase Enderle Big and Ugly BAU3 4-3/8" on Alkydigger SB Chev Tunnel Ram

      SKU: AD-7070-BAU3
      AD-7070 SB Chevy Tunnel Ram - Alkydigger 7070 with a 4-3/8" Big and Ugly- Less Pump, drive,


      Butterfly Color:

      Use for  383-400-406-410-421-434-  and up  engines on methanol or E-85  Supports up to 1300  hp  on methanol 

      Enderle   4-3/8" Big and Ugly on a Tunnel Ram for methanol
      ( Same square inches of butterfly as a Birdcatcher ) 

      SB Chevy - 23 degree * We also offer a 18 degree  special order 

      Alkydigger Custom Tunnel Ram AD-7070  ( Not Edelbrock Victor )
      Not very streetable - make sure to order progressive linkage  option for street purposes

      Set up with: Distribution Block       K Valve hoses   Nozzles-Jets - Rubber lines 

      We'll set it up for your specific engine!!

      Is approximately 8.75" tall.

       Width Outside  of linkage = 18"

      Width Outside of  housing  14"

       and is approximately 8.75" tall.Overall is  18" 

      For smaller engines  or  use with   Gasoline   choose the 3 -11/16"  Butterfly size.

      Call us for the 3-11/16"   615-457-3192


      Our Casting Disclaimer:

      Enderle Scoops and Hat Injections and Alkydigger tunnel Rams   are made from older casting molds that are original molds and are cast in very limited quantities.

      There are casting flaws that have been there from the beginning and will always be there.   We cannot do anything about this and the manufacturers will not.   

       In addition, as time has gone on, many foundries have closed, leaving the castings to be done by very small Mom and Pop foundries.  It is most common to see pits and small imperfections which either will not buff out or would cause too much damage to the casting to try to buff it out. 

      We do not give refunds, allowances, re-buffing jobs, or swap outs for other injectors.


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