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    TBS-2157 XR1   14-71 Blower w 100 Rotors - WITH SNOUT   Race Blower 14-71 Black  XR-1

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      Purchase TBS-2157 XR1 14-71 Blower w 100 Rotors - WITH SNOUT Race Blower 14-71 Black XR-1

      SKU: TBS-2157-100
      2157 14-71 XR-1 TBS SUPER Blower - with Snout XR-1 Extreme Blower 14-71 High-Helix 123.5 DEG (22.25 Case)


      XR-1 Belt Guard:

        2157 XR-1 14-71 Super Blower High-Helix 123.5" DEG  Ultimate  14-71 with Snout - Alky-Nitro  only

      NO GAS 

             3.25" longer out the Rear  than a regular 14-71 

        Close to a Screw Blower for Boost Potential  at 1/2 the price

        Hi Helix-   123.5 degree twist

      *  3-1/4"  longer out the rear  than  a regular TBS  2051 or 2056    and 1"  longer than a 2057 Retro  

      From LEFT Side front hole to Rear of Blower is  20.5" using one hole or 22"  using the one that comes drilled through - There are two sets of holes 

                                        Includes  Billet front  Cover  and 12 Bolt Snout   ( Special Snout for this blower only)

                                                                 Usually makes 35 lbs on 540 at 25% overdrive -  can make 50 lbs on a 500 cu in at 45% over      at sea level                   


                            Compare to Kobelco , DMPE   or  SSI at $4000   more

      The XR Series superchargers from The Blower Shop have been developed over a period of more than 30 years. Extensive in-house and off site testing has helped us put everything we know into developing the best race blower that money can buy. Every aspect has been designed using 3D CAD / CAM systems as well as on-site Blower Dyno testing. If you are interested in owning one of the most Elite and Race Proven Superchargers on the market, you have arrived.

      The Blower Shop has helped customers Win Races, Earn Championships and Break World Records since 1987. Let us help you do the same.

      Designed for use in the following classes: Top Fuel, Hydro, Tractor Pulling, Nostalgia Funny Car, and Nostalgia ---Dragster Classes---- 

      We have two belt guards available -   Both are  for use with a Starter ,:

      One  RCD guard slids on the snout and it located with two cross bolted allen Bolts - Snout has to be over 5"

      The other guard is fixed , and done by snout length using spacers-     Call Toni or Mike for details   615-457-3192


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