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    Vertex Transformer ( Coil)    External Coil for al

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      Purchase Vertex Transformer ( Coil) External Coil for al

      SKU: HUNT-3109H
      Vertex Transformer ( Coil) External Coil for all OXC Magnetos - Joe Hunt Also fits Mallory



      OXC Coil for all External coil Vertex and Most Mallory Sprint and super Mags 1 and 2 and 3
      NEW- built by Joe Hunt Vertex

      For additional amps  for Rare Earth mags - see our 3110 Super Zapper Coil  #3110

      Made by Hunt Magnetos with Billet Mount Base


      Replacement magneto coil (also known as transformer) for Any External Coil Vertex or Mallory , except Super Mag IV and V.

      This Joe Hunt coil does not have liquid in it to leak, which allows it to be mounted in any position.
      Use with Vertex OXC and Mallory Super Mags.   I  , II  , III  

      This is our external coil that we supply with all of our extrnal coil magnetos. This unit can be used in place of Vertex, Mallory, Don Zig and any other manufacturers external coils. Unit is solid state, so it can be mounted in any orientation. If you need a little extra juice, and have rare earth magnets  look at our High Performance External Coil that will increase the output of your magneto another 1.5 amps over our standard unit.

      Note: Weighs 2.5lbs. including brackets.

      Solid State - No Oil

      No return for electrical items hooked up -