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    Book -Jetting for Racing Mechanical FI  for UNBLOWN  BBC on Methanol

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      Book - Tuning- Methanol Jetting for Racing Mechanical Fuel Injection MFI BB NA Engines



      Fuel Injection Books  :    BB Chevy  Unblown MFI  ( many of the facts apply to blown as well )  

         See our blown books  too 

      Racers throughout the world rely on racing mechanical fuel injection for high output power levels. Those polished stacks, scoop, or huge throttle body fed by individual fuel lines all indicate high power outputs. Tuning the jetting produces a win or loss, DNF or DNQ a race engine in one piece or broken. Simplify your tuning with easy to use lookup tables with detailed technical information. Math secrets to fine tune your jetting adjustments are revealed.

      Jetting for normally aspirated big block V-8 engines from 400 to 900 cubic inches (6.6 to 14.8 liters)

      • Kinsler
      • Rons
      • Enderle
      • Hilborn
      • Crower
      • Pete Jackson
      • Algon.


      • For auto, tractor, & boat racing METHANOL V-8 engines
      • For Big Blocks from 400 ci (6.6 L) to 900 ci (14.8 L)
      • For all brands: stackers, tunnel rams, & throttle bodies
      • Jetting for optimum air to fuel ratios & fuel pressure
      • Jetting for air density changes
      • Math to determine custom jetting
      • Race tuning.

      ABOUT THE MANUAL: This is the second in a series of manuals about jetting for mechanical fuel injected race engines. The first was for the small block. This manual is specific to larger big block V-8’s on methanol.  Setup & tuning of a methanol fuel injection engine is done with proper fuel pump size and jetting. Even after a proper fuel pump size is determined, tuning with jetting can be an endless task. This includes variations from engine component changes and weather changes. While the adjustments are few, their numbers of combinations are large. Because of that, this manual provides the following:

      • Science of tuning with jetting
      • Math for how to determine the jetting basis
      • Jetting tables to illustrate individual tuning trends
      •Recommended by Mike Chilando , Alkydigger Fuel Injection 

      Additional jetting tables for various engine sizes.


      UP & DOWN NOZZLE SETUPS: While two or more nozzles per cylinder are not covered, the simple math provided in this manual can be used to determine those nozzles as well.

      FOR TURBOCHARGED MFI ENGINES WITH WASTE GATE BOOST CONTROL: Nozzle info from the manual applies to the normally aspirated nozzle set for turbocharged MFI engines with two nozzles per cylinder; whereby the normally aspirated set of nozzle is used for starting, idling, warm up, & driving around. A second set of nozzles for boost is not covered; however the simple math provided in this manual can also be used to determine those nozzles.

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