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    Book -  High Horsepower Tuning for Mechanical Fuel

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      Book - High Horsepower Tuning for Mechanical Fuel Injection for NA Racing Engines


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      Fuel Injection Books 

      Do you have a continuous flow, normally aspirated, or naturally aspirated racing engine with mechanical fuel injection? Here is detailed setup & tuning for racers who want to crank up the power in these engines. Do you race with methanol, nitro, E85, or gasoline? If so, this is the publication for you! In fact, a special section is included for mechanical fuel injection on the street.

      Information is delivered in easy to understand fundamentals. For engine builders and tuners with a technical interest, we’ve expanded into extensive engineering analysis just for you. We’ll show you the management & planning with hundreds of photos & illustrationsfor racers who want to crank up the power from their fuel injection.
      Ideal for:

      * Sprint Car & Road Racing
      * land & water Drag Racing
      * land & water Top Speed Events
      * land & water Circle Racing
      * land & water Slalom Racing
      * Tractor Pulling
      For Most MFI setups including:

      * Kinsler
      * Hilborn
      * Engler
      * Rons
      * Enderle, Pete Jackson, & Crower
      Recommended by Mike Chilando , Alkydigger Fuel Injection 

      Bob has well over 30 years of hands on racing, long before he wrote his first book. Bob knows of which he speaks and has tested everything that he writes about. That’s what this book is about; knowing what to do and when to do it. And of course what not to do.

      Bob Szabo’s background as an accomplished engineer has enabled him to be one on one with many of the manufacturers of mechanical fuel injection systems and race engine builders. Bob has compiled well over a thousand different equations to try and simplify the mysteries of fuel injection and to be able to compile the tables and graphs in this book. These alone are worth the price of admission to enter these pages. Read, read and re-read and take notes….and best of all…enjoy the trip through the pages.