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    TBS-3121 Polished 2 LOBE 8MM BB Chevy Std Deck 250 "BABY" Billet Blower Package 8mm
    TBS- 250 New Blower w Guard-Pulleys-Idler-Belt-

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      Purchase TBS- 250 New Blower w Guard-Pulleys-Idler-Belt-

      SKU: TBS-250-Partial
      TBS- 250 New Blower w Guard-Pulleys-Idler-Belt-



      TBS-3121 2 LOBE  250 Blower package 8mm COGGED - 2v ACCESSORY  - 


      This is a trade in NEVER USED  

      The Snout is long so it can accommodate a BB MoPar- BB Ford-  Some 351W  Fords  or if setback on a Chevy Manifold  

      No Manifold 


      with 8mm x 2" Wide Belt

      Fits under hood  usually with no modifications - overall height of manifold, blower and carb adapter is 10.56"

      Makes  PLENTY of boost for any engine up to 500 cu in -  for Street or Marine use or Bracket Racing ( usually 4-8 lbs on 565-580  cu in engines 

      Great Street sleeper blower to hide under the hood.  

      A 71 style Supercharger sticking out of the hood is always a nice addition, but it may not be what you are looking for. With our 250 Billet-Charger Blower series we have solved that problem. Still producing the most boost in the industry these dangerously powerful blowers come in a beautifully small package.  Perfect for tight clearances and low profile under-the-hood applications.

      2 Lobe Straight Rotors w/ Teflon* will make 9-10   lbs boost on a 540 


      • Billet Case
        • CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
        • Increased Strength over cast
        • Hard Anodized Interior
        • Mirror-Like Polish
        • Low Profile Design (6.56 tall including Billet Carb Adaptor)
        • Single or Dual Carb (4150 or 4500 *Please Specify when Ordering) SUGGEST  BUFFCO  RISER 
      • 2 Lobe Rotors -BILLET 
        • Teflon OD Stripping
        • Full length rotor shaft for increased strength
        • Maximum boost at low RPM 
      • Billet Front Cover -Oil Level Sight Glass
        • Oil Drain Plug -Polished Pressure Relief Valve  - Billet Bearing Plates
        • -  Hard Anodized
      • Included:
        • 250 Billet Supercharger with Snout  Long for Ford or MoPar 

        • NO MANIFOLD  

      Recent comment from an ex carb, unblown customer:

      • Hey Mike, giving you another update. Car is working great!! Car on Saturday went 7.31 three times in a row. only varied 12 thou all day. I had a chance to watch the boost gauge all the way down the track. As soon as it comes off the chip it makes 6 psi and don't move the whole way down the track.

      • MANY, MANY reports of  .3 tenths drop in ET immediately on installing


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