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    2222 8-71 TBS Blower Kit for Ford 351C Cleveland Blower Package
    TBS 2222-  8-71 Blower Kit for Ford  351W & C  With Carbs

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      Purchase TBS 2222- 8-71 Blower Kit for Ford 351W & C With Carbs

      SKU: TBS-2222-351C-W-CARBS
      2222 8-71 TBS Blower Kit w CARBS for Ford 351C & 351W CARBS ackage


      Black Anodize Package:
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      Why buy Weak Weiand Blowers when you can have a real Billet   8-71  for a little more ?

      Complete Blower Setup- for Ford Cleveland  Engines  -  engines- with Billet 8-71 Blower, with Billet Rotors, Hard Anodized  -

      using a 2222 or 2220     Blower Shop  Blower with billet rotors 

      Idler will be Snout mounted   -Excellent Street/Strip Setup

       8 -71 Blower # 2222-300-18  Billet Case  w. Billet rotors, Hard Anodized  for Gas-E-85 or Alky

      Billet   Polished Case, Billet Rotors, Polished Billet Front Cover & Billet Bearing Plates

      Blower manifold and 2" Spacer included for distributor clearance

      Blower manifold will be satin - all else polished

      3" Wide 8MM Drive Kit Complete

      Polished Carb Adapter Plate

      Dual ATM 750 Boost Refrenced Carbs  

      Polished TBS Scoop with built in air filters


       Stainless Lines polished 

      * You cannot use a 4 bolt Ford balancer , it will have to be our  4 bolt to 6 bolt adapter used or a new balancer from us  Innovator West Brand 

      We stock Innovators West Harmonic Balancers and RCD Blower Hubs

      You can choose to run without a balancer since the blower belt absorbs the harmonic vibrations. Some engine Builders however  insist on a Balancer, so we like to do what they want.  Balancers begin at $450 and go up depending on keyway, and if you need crank trigger  magnets. Hubs are around $220   and up - they are all double keyway.




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