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    Surge Tank - with Fuel Pump and Belt  Drive  1700 hp - No Cable Needed

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      Purchase Surge Tank - with Fuel Pump and Belt Drive 1700 hp - No Cable Needed

      SKU: SurgeTank1700
      Surge Tank - with Fuel Pump and Belt Drive 1700 hp - No Cable Needed


      Surge Tank-Turbo Engine option:

         Turbo-Pro-Charger- Super Charger  using mechanical pump up front 

      Surge Tank-Belt Drive- Fuel Pump  for up to approx 1700 hp on methanol -  2500 hp on gas   

      Mechanical Injection on the Street or Race  when using a  Rear Mounted Tank Racing  - For  rear tank vehicles, and Road Race cars.  Use your electric pump to fill up the surge tank, then the injection pump draws it's fuel from the surge tank.  Works with EFI systems using mechanical pump to prevent having to use a cable drive rear mounted pump. 

      Can use Gasoline- E-85-E-98- Methanol  *  Will support 2000 hp on Gas   1700 methanol 

      Should drain the methanol out  after each use *

      Billet Construction -100% Welded

      Comes with  12 Volt Relay  for wiring up the float to the fuel pump - 

      Billet Waterman Super Sprint 12.45 gpm    or Aeromotive   12 gpm Black Pump      

      the Spur  Gear Billet pump - is Rugged, and  Should run for years

       Enderle Belt Drive For Fuel Pump *

      SB Chevy, SB Ford , BB Chevy, BB Ford, BB MoPar  , LS 

      *Can be filled from the top or bottom

      Internal Stainless float will turn electric pump on and off as it fills

      Allows you to use an  rear  electric pump to move fuel to the front so that a mechanical injection system pump can be used without starving for fuel.  *

      Hooking it up without a relay can destroy the float-   no guarantee for floats that are shorted out- we test each one when installing it .

      Has two (2) built in return ports for your by pass valves to return the fuel to.

      Has a large breather vent port on top.

      Float is easily removed to service, clean, or replace if needed. 

      Holds approximately 2.1   gallons. 

      5" Wide x 8" Wide  x 13" Tall   Rectangular

      Is constantly being filled from your electric pump, as well as your returned fuel. 

      Has optional  billet mounts that are able to be moved for convenient mounting. 

      Highly recommend venting this tank back to the main tank  in the event of an overflow it will then overflow back to the rear tank-    you can install our rollover vent in the tank, but could suffer fuel overspill if the float ever sticks. 

      Alkydigger Inc. Not responsible  or liable for damage or fire done to any vehicle as a result of high performance parts that are sold on this site.  

      Racers and Users understand that racing and rodding can be dangerous, and result in personal damage, and accept that responsibility 

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