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    8130  MSD 44 AMP -CW  RED MSD Pro Mag 44, Points Box, Transformer, Wires

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      Purchase 8130 MSD 44 AMP -CW RED MSD Pro Mag 44, Points Box, Transformer, Wires

      SKU: MSD-8130-8147-8142
      8130 MSD 44 AMP -CW RED MSD Pro Mag 44, Points Box, Transformer, Wires



      Pro Mag 44 and Pro Mag Points Box ( Clockwise  for  offset  or Dunn Drives, RCD Drives ) and Transformer, and wire set - 

      Hemi Wires Extra   * use dropdown option for counterclockwise

      Part Number: -8130  Magneto CW -  Large Cap    RED

      Part Number 8147-  Points Box with  Rev Limiter   -  RED

      Part Number  8142-  Transformer -  RED

      MSD Pro Mag wire set-  90 Degree - non Hemi 


      FREE SHIPPING Call for QUOTE! 

      • 44 Amp, Male/HEI Large  Cap
      • clockwise Rotation
      • Call us for BLACK 

      Pro Mag 44 and Pro Mag Rev Limit  , Points Box , Transformer , and Kill  switch  + Wires 

      Serious racers choose MSD Pro Mag 44 - the "Mother of Magnetos.

      With no magnets to recharge or points to replace, and an amazing 44 amps of primary current, it's no surprise that these magnetos are the choice of nitro-gulping top fuel racers!

      Pro Mag 44 magnetos are built with an assemblage of rare earth magnets and windings to produce incredible energy. They accurately trigger and distribute this energy on a precision path to your spark plugs, creating a burst of ground-shaking energy in your cylinders.

      And, for the absolute ultimate in ignition triggering, the Pro Mag 44s' design allows you to add optional accessories--a crank trigger, timing retard control, or even a rev limiter!

      Forget those weak, inaccurate points and adjustments.

      Get the most powerful, accurate magnetos with durability to match their performance--the MSD Pro Mag 44 magnetos. 

      Generator head only-  not direct fit- you need a housing or offset drive to install it . 

      The 8147  Points Box has a built-in Soft Touch Rev Control that is adjusted with plug-in rpm modules. The smooth rev limiting circuitry will save your expensive engine from overrev damage in the event of driveline failure or missed shifts.

      To produce its awesome energy, the Pro Mag Generator incorporates 16 powerful rare earth magnets. These amazing magnets never require charging so you can be assured your Pro Mag is always producing the power it was designed to generate. The magnet assembly and electronic components are hand assembled by trained technicians and tested thoroughly before being encased in an epoxy that completely seals and secures each component forming a vibration-proof center section.


      • Generates Awesome Spark. 
      • Available in Clockwise and Counterclockwise Rotation Models- Call us if needed 

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