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    -8 AN Carburetor Bypass Check Valve with -8 Mount,

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      Purchase -8 AN Carburetor Bypass Check Valve with -8 Mount,

      SKU: EN-6010-LOOPASSY
      -8 AN Carburetor Bypass Check Valve with -8 Mount, Return Loop 5lb pressure with 4 return pills


      Inlet Fitting:
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      Carburetor by pass valve for Alcohol Carbs  with -8 Mount to go directly into most mechanical fuel pumps or Carb Logs.    Does not include the pump  .   Includes everything else in picture  

      Enderle  brass AN8 inline check valve for alcohol carburetors with -8AN Adapter  to allow the valve to be mounted to a -8 fuel pump   

      Eliminates the need for a  Fuel regulator  

      Fits all 80A Enderle pumps, most Ron's pumps .  


      Available pressures:  5lb pressure  and comes with  by pass pills   .160. 170  .180   .190   
      Pressure can be adjusted with springs and shims (sold separately).

      -8 AN on inlet and Outlets  unless you specify a -10 inlet

      Allows you to put a main bypass pill in the main line to regulate fuel flow.
      Will work with all fuels.

      Can be used for any pressure relief situation where a -8 valve is needed.

        Our carb  by pass valve ,    This allows the mechanical pump which usually produces 2 to 3 times the fuel needed for an alcohol carb to behave in accordance with the low pressure requirements of  the carb.     Since mechanical pumps were designed for high pressure, they have to be tailored for use with a Carb.   So low pressure, high volume is what they want.     By changing the jets “pills”   in the valve, you allow or keep a specific amount of fuel  available for the carb, and allow the rest to go back to the tank, or be looped back to the fuel pumps  inlet, which is the same as returning it to the tank.