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    Birdcatcher BLOWN Alcohol/Gas/or E-85   complete

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      Purchase Birdcatcher BLOWN Alcohol/Gas/or E-85 complete

      SKU: EN-1004-assy
      Birdcatcher BLOWN Alcohol/Gas/or E-85 complete


      Hat Riser raises 2" and Forward 2":
      K Valve Upgrade- from Square cast or billet:
      ADD Port Nozzles kit- Rubber:
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      Enderle blown   birdcatcher injector Kit  is complete with:

      • Hat injector   w RED, Black, or Blue- Polished   Butterflies. 
      • barrel valve
      • fuel lines
      • nozzles & bodies
      • check valve
      • distribution block
      • 5" or 6" Billet Extension
      • bypass pills
      • 4-3/8" Butterflies
      • Shut off valve -8 with   -12 Inlet
      • shut off cable and bracket kit
      • FREE tuning advice
      • Fuel Filter in -12 or -16

      Enderle's blown  Birdcatcher injector is complete setup  for 370-550 cu in engines* 

      Available for :

      BB Chevy, SB Chevy, BB MoPar,* Early Hemi  , BB Ford, LS Chevy   SB Ford, - be sure to SPECIFY

      Choose progressive linkage or straight mechanical  

      with progressive - it opens two butterflies and the third one can

      open at any point  or even stay closed-  you adjust it how you like it 


      • Injector- w barrel valve -fuel lines -nozzles & bodies -check valve -distribution block -bypass pills-4-3/8" Butterflies
      • Fuel Pump-  80A or Waterman Sprint up to 7 gpm 
      • For 8 gpm to 13 gpm we will upgrade to a Enderle 600-760 , 110 -or Waterman Mini Bertha
      • Belt Drive for fuel pump or Timing Cover Drive * Specify what drive you want
      • Upgrade SB, BB,  or MoPar to a gear drive timing setup for  $500   additional

      Our Casting Disclaimer:

       Enderle Scoops and Hat Injections are made from older casting molds that are original molds and are cast in very limited quantities.

      There are casting flaws that have been there from the beginning and will always be there.   We cannot do anything about this and the manufacturers will not.   

       In addition, as time has gone on, many foundries have closed, leaving the castings to be done by very small Mom and Pop foundries.  It is most common to see pits and small imperfections which either will not buff out or would cause too much damage to the casting to try to buff it out. 

      We do not give refunds, allowances, re-buffing jobs, or swap outs for other injectors.