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    90 Degree  " X"  Nozzles  ( X designation ) -  Rep

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      SKU: EN-7008X
      90 Degree " X" Nozzles ( X designation ) - Replaces Hilborn Brass Deflector for Stack and Hat Injectors



      X Nozzles  90 Degree with Deflectors  Replaces Hilborn and Crower 

      90 Degree Deflector nozzles- like Hilborn-  with changeover chart.  Fits Crower,  Jackson,  Kinsler,

      Designated as    X- in front of the part  for Deflector Type  

      Compare to Hilborn - 701-AD left  and 701-AD Right 

      These fit almost every injector manifold that uses a 90 degree pipe thread nozzle with a deflector end-   Call for advice if unsure -  615-457-3192

      These nozzles all have air bleed holes for aeration.

      1/8" pipe thread and 1/2" tips   90 degree like a  Hilborn or Kinsler  90 degree nozzle

      Fits Hilborn - Enderle - Kinsler - Crower,  Algon - Jackson manifolds -
      that require 1/8-pipe thread

      Ask us for suggestions for your setup!
      Recommend our 5020  bleeder hole baffles with these --- just type 5020 in search engine