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    Electric Enrichment Valve - 6AN Inlet and Outlet

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      Purchase Electric Enrichment Valve - 6AN Inlet and Outlet

      Electric Enrichment Valve - 6AN Inlet and Outlet Normally OPEN



      Electric Enrichment valve -  NOT lean out -   Normally OPEN

      Closes when you send 12V to the valve causing the engine to enrichen by  the size pill you install in the jet holder, included.

      Comes with Jets and jet holder

      Adjustable 12V , manual Enrichment Valve

      No relay needed- Can be activated with any 12 V Switch

      Designed to Enrichen the fuel system at will  

      This valve is Normally open- Closes when activated

      Uses Enderle style pills: Comes with a  .020" .030"  .040"   -- All other sizes available at  

      You may specify the  pill if you know what you want.  

      MADE IN U S A 

       Electric Enrichment Valves: installation


      Install this valve anywhere that provides full fuel pressure to the valve  between the fuel pump and  BEFORE  the barrel valve.

      The objective is to   increase

       the amount of flow that ultimately  gets to the barrel valve.  

      The way it works is to allow  fuel to return to the tank through a jet (pill)  causing the prescribed flow that would normally get to the barrel valve to be  increased temporally while the valve is engaged. 

      Just install this between the feed from the shut off and the barrel valve -  Fuel does not travel through it to the barrel valve, rather , this is like installing a main by pass.  It becomes a second by pass that is on while you are activating  the valve, so you tap into the main feed line , and return the other side to the shut off return or back to the tank. 

      This valve is Normally open, and closed while you are activating it . 


      Proudly Made in the USA