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    RCD Starters- Blown-Unblown- Removable -CHAMP CAR -Fixed & PARTS

    Our most popular application engages and disengages to a faceplate mounted near the top blower pulley. This assembly features an aluminum frame and handle with a quick disconnect plug mounted on the starter. A hand wheel located at the rear of the starter is provided to manually engage the starter jaw thereby lengthening the life of the starter and other components. This assembly requires 13” in front of the top blower pulley. Available in single and dual handle models.
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    This starter is designed for the tough job of starting a Silver Crown Champ Car, IRL, CART or any other open wheeled or vintage race cars through a drive shaft off the front of the engine or rear of the gear box. The front drive head on the starter contains a pair of three tooth jaws to provide complete disengagement of the starter and drive shaft as soon as the engine starts. An anti-rotation arm mounts to the front drive on dowels with three bolts for easy removal and storage. This assembly is offered in standard and reverse rotation.
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    Available in fixed and removable mounting styles. These starters work in conjunction with RCD’s starter drives to provide high torque direct cranking to your high performance racing engine. All models are equipped with a three tooth starter jaw that can be manually engaged or engages when the starter switch is closed and disengages when the engine starts and over-speeds the starter.
    RCD Starters- Blown-Unblown- Removable -CHAMP CAR -Fixed & PARTS

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