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    Blow Through 4 Cyl Turbo or  Pro Charger / Turbo  Mechanical

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      SKU: blowthrough-4cyl
      Blow Through Turbo or Pro Charger / Turbo Mechanical Blow Through Kit 4-Cylinder Engine 4" Single or multi–B Fly Throttle Body



      Blow Through -Mechanical Fuel Injection  System  for  Turbo   or ProCharger

      Full  Turbo  kit-  -4 cylinder-   using a 3.90"   Billet Throttle Body or a multi butterfly   Billet throttle body  w 4 Butterflies Progressive  opening 

      with a Enderle   Barrel Valve

      Supports  approx.   800 to 2000 HP mechanical system. 

      We have made from 1100  to 2850 HP with this on various Engines . .  We have taken Hilborn's idea, and combined it with Enderle's and Waterman   equipment and developed a  Bolt on - Blow Through Single Throttle body injector for  Turbo or Pro Charger   Engines  -

      Billet Throttle Body:  or Multi Butterfly  1215 CFM Progressive  

      3.90"  Single Throat or 4 butterfly progressive Fuel Injector flowed for   turbo application for engines under  400 cu in 

      • Secondary By-Pass Valve
      • *Stainless 100 Micron full flow fuel filter -12 or -16 inlet
      • Pills for by pass
      • (4)  Dual Combination Nozzles for Idle and power 
      • Enderle    Barrel Valve
      •   Port nozzle check Valve   
      •   Junction Blocks
      • 4  way shut off valve  or 3 Way with returns. 

      • Belt Drive or timing cover drive -Depends on the engine.
      • An Enderle or Aeromotive   Spur Gear  fuel pump- between 9.5 gpm and 13.4 gpm
      • 9.5 gpm  to a  13 gpm   
      • 8  Nozzle hoses - Normal length will be for a single plane manifold- 
      • We will provide custom lengths  
      • 4 -  Y  - Injector Nozzles
      • Manifold optional
      • Enderle K Valve Option
      • Pump Sizer to allow pump to be adjusted for large Boost Changes     
      • optional flow control valve -  

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