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    Chevy SB  Blower, Carb, Scoop, linkage  Package -

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      Purchase Chevy SB Blower, Carb, Scoop, linkage Package -

      SKU: TBS-SB-2220-carb
      Chevy SB Blower, Carb, Scoop, linkage Package -


      Hub, Degree Ring,:
      Black Anodize Complete package $995:
      Carb Finish - ATM Carbs:
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      Billet 8-71 - for engines 265-434  Excellent choice for  Street or            Moderate  Racing

      Clears Distributors   since Blower is set forward 1"   

                        2220  Blower included Billet Case, Billet Rotors-  6 point stripping

      TBS 8-71 - Three Lobe Hi Helix   Rotor- Billet with stripped  Rotors for boost between 5 lb and 25  lb

      ok for Gas-E-85 or Alky 

      • Fully Polished Intake Manifold (Complete with Pop Off Plate Kit
      • Fully Polished Snout Complete with Main Shaft and Coupler
      • Top and Bottom 8MM Polished Pulleys
      • (2V  Belt Accessory Crank Pulleys (Balancer)
      • uses a 4" Snout
      • Fully Polished Idler Bracket and Pulley
      • Fully Polished Billet Carb Adapter (Dual 4150 Style)
      • All necessary gaskets and hardware
      • Pair of 750 Quick Fuel Carbs
      • Linkage
      • Scoop w Filters
      • We stock Innovators West Harmonic Balancers and RCD Blower Hubs

      You can choose to run without a balancer since the blower belt absorbs the harmonic vibrations. Some engine Builders however  insist on a Balancer, so we like to do what they want.  Balancers begin at $450 and go up depending on keyway, and if you need crank trigger  magnets. Hubs are around $190 and up - they are all double keyway.