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    TBS LS3  Chevy Blower Drive Kit with Manifold

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      Purchase TBS LS3 Chevy Blower Drive Kit with Manifold

      SKU: TBS-2633
      TBS LS3 Chevy Blower Drive Kit with Manifold


      Fuel Rails for LS Manifolds:
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      LS3   Drive kit

      LS Blower Shop Drive kit        less blower - 

      . Now Available!  With the amount of classic cars running LS platforms, the need for a manifold to that allows a supercharger was a necessity.  Now with the ability to supercharge your LS engine with a 6-71, 8-71, 10-71 or 14-71.  For most street use a 6-71 or 8-71 will provide better performance due to the engine size.

      What Is included:

      • Billet 2 Piece Blower Manifold  -  port option  : Cathedral  or     Rectangular
      • Billet Carb Adapter (4150 or 4500)   Dual Carbs sideways or Single carb in line 
      • Billet Blower Snout (Complete with Shaft and Coupler)
      • Two Billet 8mm Pulleys-   your choice of ratio   or we will suggest
      • 8mm Blower Belt (HD Tooth Profile)
      • Billet Swing Arm Idler Assembly
      • Billet Lower Hub
      • All Necessary Gaskets and Grade 8 Hardware
      • Innovators West  840 Balancer and pin kit  ( uses BB Chevy Accessory Pulley )   optional   $550 

      *What is Not included:

      We stock Innovators West Harmonic Balancers and RCD Blower Hubs

      You can choose to run without a balancer since the blower belt absorbs the harmonic vibrations. Some engine Builders however  insist on a Balancer, so we like to do what they want.  Balancers begin at $495 and go up depending on keyway, and if you need crank trigger  magnets. Hubs are around $190 and up - they are all double keyway.