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    TBS 2037  RETRO  10-71  Blower - "Hottest 10-71 "  RACE  10-71 Billet Setback 2-1/4"

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      Purchase TBS 2037 RETRO 10-71 Blower - "Hottest 10-71 " RACE 10-71 Billet Setback 2-1/4"

      SKU: TBS-2037-100-Retro
      TBS-2037 10-71 Blower - The Blower Shop RACE 10-71 Billet Blower Polished Hard Anodized Billet Rotors HIGH HELIX RETRO Front Discharge


      Black Anodize Blower Only:

      Retro 10-71 Race Case   TBS2037  Special Build  takes about 30 days    MADE IN USA 



      100   Alcohol or Nitro only Rotor

      Adjustable top opening  for any injector  10.5  OR 12"    CAN ALSO USE A 7.5" REDUCER  

      CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum  Rear drilled for nozzles
      Increased Strength over cast  - Hard Anodized Interior
        Delta  V  bottom opening for Increased Rotor-to-Case sealing (High Efficiency)
      Removable Top Insert for Increased tunability (9.00" to 12.0 " ť)   10.5 Most popular
      Inlet designed for use with injector hats  or carbs-  adjustable top plate 
      Machined for Rear Cooling Nozzles   ----Mirror-Like Polish  -  Billet Rotors
      120 DEGREE  Twist  #100 rotor - Hard Anodized-Full Teflon Stripped (18 Point)
      Rotor Clearance options available (Alcohol, E-85, )   SEE 2033 AND 2039 FOR GAS   10-71  AND    2333  FOR  efi  10-71
      Billet Front Cover - Oil Level Sight Glass -Oil Drain Plug -Polished Pressure Relief Valve
      Billet Bearing Plates  ---Increased Strength over cast

      The Blower Shop 10.71 Race Supercharger is designed for high RPM  racing applications using alcohol or nitro.  Makes incredible boost above 7500 rpm.  Anodized Black Drop down option  

      Retro Front Discharge

      * use our setback plate

      No Gas or E-85  

      * Billet Polished Case
      * Billet Hi-Helix Rotors
      * Billet Front & Rear Bearing Plates
      * Hard Anodized Rotors & Inside Case
      * 18 point Teflon-Nylatron  Stripping
      * Removable Top Inserts for Optimal Tuning
      * Front Discharge - Front Retro    Opening- Alcohol Only

      Best 10-71   blower Manufactured in the USA 

      The Blower Shop 10-71 Race Supercharger is designed for high performance racing applications using alcohol or nitro.


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