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    Alkydigger  Service  Hilborn-Enderle-Kinsler- Kinsler -Crower Manifold

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      Purchase Alkydigger Service Hilborn-Enderle-Kinsler- Kinsler -Crower Manifold

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      Service Hilborn-Enderle-Kinsler-Crower Manifold



      Send in your complete Hilborn  Enderle, Kinsler, Engler,  Crower  stack or Hat manifold with all components. We will assess  it and contact you with an estimate.

      We will clean, overhaul or replace the barrel valve, measure shafts for wear, set or replace butterflies, clean or replace hoses,  clean or replace nozzles,  flow test and leakdown % set .

      Please print and fill out this form and send it in with the injection.
      Service Form
      Complete recondition - $450.00  labor +  
      plus parts and machine work.

      Estimate fee if no work is performed -  $0    Just pay shipping costs and insurance. 




      Recondition Hilborn-Enderle-Kinsler-Crower Manifold- 8 Stack-  $450.00  Service + Parts
      included flowing fuel pump

      Flow Fuel Pumps and Report on flow in GPM at 1800 RPM and  4000 RPM= $55 Small   $75  large pumps and pumps sent in with loops and valves still in place 

      Rebuild enderle Bird , BAU, Bugcatcher -  $350 + parts