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    Pro-Filer - "Sniper " Big Block  9.8 Std or   10.2 Assassinator Injection

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      Purchase Pro-Filer - "Sniper " Big Block 9.8 Std or 10.2 Assassinator Injection

      SKU: Pro-206-setup
      206 Pro-Filer Manifold Rec Port w 2300 cfm Assassinator injection , pump, drive ,



      Sniper Big Block Chevy Single Plane Intake Manifold * Includes 2300 CFM Billet injector multi butterfly   Billet pump-Shut off - filter-pills-Flowed- Drive  - ready to go 

                                                                                                                           Total height     13.5"  

      Includes  our Assassinator  2290 cfm   multi butterfly unit . Billet Injector

       10.2  Deck Height "    or 9.8" Std deck   REC Ports  

      The SNIPER BBC Intake Manifold Series is designed with the perfect runner to plenum volume to maximize the power and acceleration curves of your engine.

      The SNIPER Series features cast injection bosses, 4500 series carburetor flange, four corner water bosses and your choice of oval or rectangle port opening.  

        Comes with a 5" Enderle Billet, Polished Throttle body, hoses, nozzles, Fuel pump, Drive, Shut off, Filter, pills,  Flowed and Ready    

      For a combination that is unbeatable, pair the SNIPER Cylinder Head with a SNIPER Manifold and watch your competition be blown away!         

        Enderle/Pro/Filer  Combination!     

      Not Gas Friendly -  Methanol or E-85   Super Good.    Big power    4500-8500  no problem 

      • 1" Cast Spacer
      • Cast Bosses for Injectors
      • Optimized Cross Sectional Area
      • Runners are Precision Cast
      • Available for 9.8" or 10.2" Deck Heights  s   See The Hitman  for   Big Chief and Big Duke