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    Pickup - MSD Ignition Tach Signal GMR ( Giant Magn

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      Purchase Pickup - MSD Ignition Tach Signal GMR ( Giant Magn

      SKU: MSD-8918
      Pickup - MSD Ignition Tach Signal GMR ( Giant Magneto Resistive) Pickup



      Controls Shift light, Shifter, Tach

      Converts a low-voltage, high-current pulse to a clean 12-volt square wave with no wire splicing required.

      Just think of the things you can easily accomplish with our GMR Pickup! This little device simply attaches, with no splicing or cutting, to a current carrying wire and turns that information into a 12 volt rpm signal. This signal can be used to activate a shift light, rpm activation switch or a tachometer. One example is to connect the GMR, which stands for Giant Magneto Resistive, to a diesel injector current wire. This will produce a signal that can be used to trigger a tachometer or shift light! Another example is on late-model engine equipped with a coil-on-plug ignition system. One of the coil's primary current wires is simply routed into the pickup clip and GMR converts this pulsing into a 12 volt signal for a shift light!


      • Clip to a coil pack primary lead to produce a stable 12-volt square wave for a tach, shift light or RPM-activated accessory
      • Connect to a diesel injector wire to provide an easy tach installation
      • Operates with 5-24 volt input for universal applications