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    8772 GRID   Controller - MSD A/Fuel   Power Grid Controller  Dual or Single Mags

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      SKU: MSD-8772
      8772 Controller - MSD A/ Fuel Power Grid Controller system Dual or Single Mags



      The Pro Mag A/Fuel Power Grid Controller is designed for use with the MSD Pro Mag 44 in drag racing applications, which compete in the Top Alcohol Dragster category or sanctioning bodies that allow electronic ignition timing control when using a single or dual Pro Mag system. Although the Power Grid Controller has dual outputs it can be used with, a single Pro Mag or Dual Pro Mag that allows you to control Ignition Timing based on Time. The additional features such as Individual Cylinder Timing, which allows you to change timing on each cylinder or the Pedal Retard that allows retarding timing upon pedal lift with and inhibit delay and an auto pickup signal selector. This means that in the case of a crank trigger pickup failure, it will trigger the dead channel running magneto seamlessly. Let's not forget about the data acquisition that allows you to review your 1/4 mile pass after every run to see if you can tune ignition timing even on the worst track conditions. It is recommended to use the controller with a crank trigger system using MSD non-magnetic pickups. (It will function with the Pro Mag's internal pickup, but is not recommended for the most accurate timing.) The programming can be done with the use of a laptop PC or computer via cable or if the PC comes with bluetooth. The MSDView software will program timing curves with up to 30 points at 0.1 degree increments down to 0.01-second intervals. MSDView allows the user to create up to 12 different timing curves that can be overlaid to choose the right one at the last minute.


      • Provides a programmable time-based timing curve with up to 30 points
      • Stores up to 12 different timing maps
      • Easily transfer or change timing maps while in the staging lanes
      • Limited Bluetooth Connection
      • Individual Cylinder Timing
      • Data Acquisition
      • Configure Power Grid data to Racepak


      When the Power Grid A/Fuel Controller is installed, it is important to note that the ignition timing will be 5 retarded.

      This is due to the Controller's improved trigger pickup compensation circuit.

      The timing must be reset to your engine's specifications.