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    MSD-82878 RED  Coils ProPower Series- LS2-LS7  RED  8 pack

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      Purchase MSD-82878 RED Coils ProPower Series- LS2-LS7 RED 8 pack

      SKU: MSD-82878
      Ignition - MSD PROCoils 828783 Black LS2 LS3 LS6 LS7



      MSD Ignition Coil - Pro Power Series - GM  LS2/ LS6 / LS3 / LS7 Engines -RED  8-Pack

      2005-2013 GM Cars - 5.3/6.0/7.0/8.1L w/VIN M and C - 2005-2013 GM Trucks - 5.3/6.0L w/ VIN G/T/U/H (8th Digit)

      Part # 828783  


      • Increased spark energy and voltage output at any RPM
      • Multiple spark capability to improve the combustion process
      • Direct plug-in to factory coil location and factory connectors
      • Improved Throttle response
      • Smoother Idle and Quicker Starts
      • Improved higher RPM performance
      • Patented winding design and materials
      • Sold as package of 8 coils

      About MSD


      This part is legal for sale and use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles, in all 50 states, when used in accordance with the manufacturers application guide because it has a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO) number.

      See Emissions Details
      Do you have a built LS with bumped-up compression, a cam, or intake? How about Nitrous or Boost? Did you think about added spark energy to squeeze all the power out of your power adders? MSD's engineering team has been working diligently the past year to improve our Multiple Spark Coils for the GM LS-engine platform. The coils fit in place of the OEM coils yet are capable of delivering higher spark energy to the plugs, topped with multiple sparks at idle rpm. Increased spark energy and voltage, along with multiple spark capabilities, help improve the combustion process of the fuel mixture to create an efficient burn. This results in improved throttle response, smooth idle and quick starts, plus increased high rpm performance! Connector and Plug Wire are on Opposite Ends. The 2-pin connector must be plugged into the coil. If not, the coil will not operate. This additional connector is for optional ignition/timing control. Can also be used as a replacement coil for 1999-2009 GM 4.8/5.3/6.0/8.1L and 2003-2007 Hummer 6.0L w/ VIN Z,N,T,V,U and B

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