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    MSD 8147 Points Box - MSD Pro Mag 44 Points Box w Rev Limiter

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      Purchase MSD 8147 Points Box - MSD Pro Mag 44 Points Box w Rev Limiter

      SKU: MSD-8147
      8147 Points Box - MSD Ignition 8147 Pro Mag 44 Points Box With Rev Limiter Goes with MSD Magneto 44 amp



      8147   Pro Mag 44 Points Box  with Rev Limiter 

      The Electronic Points Box is responsible for controlling the Pro Mag 44's energy, such as the special long duration spark and quick rise time. The magnetic pickup in the generator delivers the trigger signal and the Box takes care of the rest.

      The MSD Pro Mag Points Box electronic circuitry, which replaces what breaker points attempted to do, releases the power of the Pro Mag generator to the coil instantly and at full power. No other magneto can match the Pro Mag in rise time! The coil instantly produces an incredible shot of voltage to ionize the plug gap then the current takes over ensuring that the nitromethane is ignited! The Electronic Points Box keeps the electricity flowing across the plug for a full 26 of crankshaft rotation ensuring complete combustion. A strong cast aluminum housing provides a solid mounting foundation for all of the electronics as well as a very good heat sink. For protection against 300 mph vibrations, the circuits receive a heavy duty coating of Humi-Seal compound which secures the electronics. Special 4-pin Deutsch connectors lock and seal the wires to the Pro Mag generator. Vibration Mounts are also supplied

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