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    Wires - MSD Ignition SB Chevy Super Conductor SB C

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      Purchase Wires - MSD Ignition SB Chevy Super Conductor SB C

      SKU: MSD-30479
      Wires - MSD Ignition SB Chevy Super Conductor SB Chevy Spark Plug Wire Set for use with PN 8541 Crab Cap



      The MSD Race Tailored 8.5mm Super Conductor Wire Sets are designed specifically to fit race engines equipped with headers or an MSD Distributor.


      The MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor is the ultimate performance wire! Its extremely low-resistance combined with the ability to suppress Electro Magnetic Interference is a combination that defies the common laws of physics. Less resistance means more energy is going to make it to the spark plug to ignite the air/fuel mixture. The Super Conductor uses a copper alloy conductor resulting in less than 50 ohms per foot of wire! This ensures that the most energy possible makes it to the spark plug. By helically winding the conductor around a special core, we are able to produce a highly effective choke to keep the EMI inside the wire and away from other electronics. This combination is encased in a heavy duty sleeve that will withstand abrasion and high temperatures. Cap off each end with our Dual Crimp Terminals and you have the best wire available.


      • Less than 50 ohms per foot for superior spark
      • Ferro-magnetic impregnated core creates an effective EMI choke
      • Forty feet of conductor is wound into a single foot of wire for high EMI suppression
      • Conductor core features Dupont Kevlar material for increased tensile strength
      • Durable outer sleeve is a proprietary compound for resistance to high heat or abrasion