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    13000 Milodon Big Block MoPar Gear Drive - No Pump Provision

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      Purchase 13000 Milodon Big Block MoPar Gear Drive - No Pump Provision

      SKU: MLD-13000
      1300 Milodon Big Block MoPar Gear Drive - No Pump Provision - Milodon



       13000     BB MoPar Gear Drive - Standard Height Cam with 3 bolt circle -   No fuel pump drive



        It will make the same more power as when new, virtually indefinitely. Even on the street, it is almost impervious to wear.

        Street or Strip, a Milodon fixed idler gear will make more power than a timing chain or a floating idler gear.

        It will keep the same cam timing you set, whether the engine is on the engine stand or at 10,000 rpm.

        Fixed idler, steel billet gears can not change, unlike all other flexible chain or belt drives.

        Allows precise camshaft degreeing using Milodon's adjustable bolt pattern cam gear and hub assembly.

        Incorporates a full cast aluminum front cover with a removable cam cover that allows quick and easy access to the cam gear for adjustments and cam removal.

        Mounts the fixed idler gear solidly into the main cover itself. This fixed idler system will fully compensate for any crank position, even if the block has been severely align bored, without any sacrifices.

        Uses positive cam end play adjustment and a three-piece roller bearing behind the cam gear to control cam movement, reduce power-robbing drag and stop block face wear.

        NO block machining is required. Hand tools are required to drill and ream the positioning dowel pin hole which, with care, can be done at home.



      Milodon -gear drive assemblies are designed for all-out competition, but work equally well in any application. Highly recommended on Blown or Nitro engines.   Their proven fixed idler-gear system is capable of maintaining consistent cam timing without siphoning off power, the way 4-gear types can. Timing changes are easy via Milodon's adjustable bolt-pattern cam gears and hub assemblies. Made for strength and durability, these gear drives will last indefinitely. They're available in a flat-cover style, 13200   which uses a stock-type water pump, or an injected/blown style, which doesn't use a stock type.

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