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    EFI -  Remote Injector  Mixing   Block Fuel Distri

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      SKU: JB-009-8S
      EFI - Remote Injector Mixing Block Fuel Distributor Less injectors


      Add Nozzle Bodies and Hoses:
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      EFI Block - holds 8 injectors - Sometimes called "Mixing" Block 

      EFI Block  to Hold 8 EFI injectors remotely for port nozzle provision or when converting an 8 Stack

      will fit under a BB Tunnel ram, will fit under a SB Tunnel Ram , Will allow you to send fuel to a Hat  injector sitting on a tunnel Ram  

      allows you to add 8 EFI injectors to a Blower manifold without welding. 

      4-1/4" long x 4"  Tall x 2" Wide

      This 8 injector  block is used for port EFI injection. Can also be used in a Mechanical injector hat to supply the fuel  .  
      The block has a dedicated  EFI  injector for each cylinder, allowing for ultimate fine tuning.
      8 hoses come directly off the EFI block go straight to the port nozzles, which have 15 lb check springs in them 

      Comes with 8 -3 Brass AN fittings 

      Add nozzle bodies and hoses below. Let us know hose lengths in the notes when ordering.


      * Requires the  use of our port nozzle bodies   spring pressure  controlled  .set to 15 psi.   This stops bleed back, and allows the pump to  build pressure  before opening the check valve