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    4 Barrel Fuel Injection Conversion - Self-Tuning Kit + Handheld EFI Monitor - Shiny Finish
    550-876 Holley Super Sniper Stealth 4150 - 1250HP - Shiny Finish

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      Purchase 550-876 Holley Super Sniper Stealth 4150 - 1250HP - Shiny Finish

      SKU: HLY-550-876
      Sniper EFI Stealth 4500 - Shiny Finish Master Kit 1200 hp


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      The Super Sniper Stealth 4150 EFI system from Holley features 8, 100LB/HR Fuel Injectors capable of supporting up to 650 HP naturally aspirated or 1250 HP on forced induction applications. The Sniper Stealth 4150 ECU is capable of fuel map self-learning and ignition timing control, improving idle stability, drivability, and wide-open throttle horsepower! Did we mention that the Stealth 4150 also includes transmission kick down provisions for GM TH350/400, 200R4/700R4 and Ford C4/C6 applications.


      • Bolt on 4150 Flange Carburetor Replacement
      • Throttle body mounted ECU – no extra boxes to mount
      • Supports up to 1250hp with Eight 100 Lb/Hr Injectors!
      • All of the wiring exits below the rear fuel injector cover, for a completely stealth installation.
      • Timed spark part for vacuum advanced distributors located under the front fuel bowl, for easy access to the distributor.
      • Programmable inputs and outputs
      • Three Programmable 0-5V Sensor Inputs for Oil/Fuel/Dome or Nitrous Pressure Sensors
      • Six Programmable Ground Outputs
      • One +5v Reference Output - +5V Power Supply for 0-5v Sensors
      • One Sensor Ground – Ground supply for 0-5v Sensors
      • Air entry is machined to fit most stock style air cleaners with air cleaner locator provisions.
      • Only 4 Wiring Connections Required! (Battery +, Battery - , Switched Ignition & RPM)
      • External fuel pressure regulator required, set to a base pressure of 58.5 PSI, such as 12-886.
      • Integrated ignition timing control
      • High Resolution Full Color Touchscreen for Initial Setup, Tuning, and Gauge Displays
      • Simple Calibration Wizard (answer a few questions about your engine and it creates the base map, then starts tuning on its own!) - NO laptop required!
      • Self-tuning ECU means you don’t have to be a computer/tuning wiz to have EFI!
      • The included Genuine Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Oxygen Sensor provides real-time Fuel Map Learn!
      • OEM Style TPS/IAC, for years of dependable service.
      • Available in 3 finishes: Shiny, Black and coming soon, Gold
      • Included clamp-on oxygen sensor kit for 2.25" exhaust ensures a leak free oxygen sensor installation, with Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamps and a Stainless Steel (Weldable) oxygen sensor flange


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