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    Loop Kit-With Shut off valve for : Waterman--Kinsl

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      Purchase Loop Kit-With Shut off valve for : Waterman--Kinsl

      SKU: EN-LOOP-Waterman
      Loop Kit-With Shut off valve for : Waterman--Kinsler- Pumps


      Inlet Fitting:
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      Loop System for Waterman , Kinsler, Fuel Pumps w -6 AN Shut off valve  

      Add $30  for -8 Shut off   valve 

      Send fuel back to the inlet from the shut off 90 degree leg to eliminating parasitic pressure.
      Pump Saver

      Some refer to this as a "pump saver" since it prevents deadheading.
      This consists of 3 (three) fittings , stainless loop, a 3 Way -6 Shut off valve and adaptors .  This listing is for Waterman, 400-450-500-550-600- 700  -1 and Kinsler pumps which are the round Blue ( Waterman) pumps. 
      A #6 fitting on the inlet for the loop to connect to, the main inlet fitting, and a plug for the other side.

      This will allow you to push the shut-off while the engine is still in a high RPM state without the fear of super high pump pressure occuring.
      The fuel will be forced out the side fitting and back to the inlet.
      You can run it on the street or track.
      Saves you from having to run another #6 bypass line to your tank.

      Please select whether you want a #8, #10, or #12 inlet fitting for the bottom  




      80A Loop