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    Some Q and A about boost and pump gas vs E-85 and methanol

    Is it possible to have a blower on 93 octane pump gas without the stripping in the rotors?

    Why stripped or not? Does Compression ratio matter?

    If yes that I can get a blower without the stripping in the rotors, what is the max horsepower cutoff without the stripping and 93 octane pump gas?

    This is one of the most misunderstood elements of blowers. Stripping is done in levels. So a stripped blower is always more efficient than a non stripped one.  The degree of tightness is what is to be considered.  All of our Blower shop Blowers are stripped for specific fuels. Gas  requires more clearance and thus looser stripping to eliminate heat. Alcohol and E-85  can accept much tighter stripping since alcohol is a cooling fuel, and the tighter the stripping the more boost a blower can make.

    Gas is such a low octane (resistance to detonation)  that if a blower produces much boost, and when coupled with a high static compression, it will eclipse the ability of 93 octane to  not detonate, and that is how engines are destroyed. So we have a chart in our technical area which tells how much boost you can have with pump gas and be safe. Think of a blower as a compressor or like piston rings-  Tighter clearances = more ability to work.

    Pump E-85 can be dangerous to try and figure out because it can be as low as 100 octane or as high as 105 at any given time.

    Drum C-85 is always approx 117 octane usually good up to 18-1 compression.

    Methanol doesn’t have a  boost limit for all practical purposes and will resist detonation to over 30-1  compression.

    The “Effective” compression ratio has to be calculated by first knowing the engines compression (Static), then adding the blowers boost which gives an answer called  “Effective” which is what the engine is seeing as the compression ratio.

    So 8-1 compression +  10 lbs of boost = about 14-1  compression (too much for pump 93 octane) call us for help on this before you hurt something.