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    Mechanical vs EFI

    Mechanical injections were designed for racing only without a lot of consideration given to how they might perform at mid range cruising.  Over the years we have sort of semi perfected the idle and mid range compared to the way they were in the “old days”
    Algon’s and Pete Jackson’s are dinosaurs, and good for looking at on a Rat Rod but they are too complex and temperamental.

    Hilborn is the best running , but Enderle is just  as good , just lesser known.   
    I  recommend a  1- 13/16 ”     2- 1/16″     2 3/16″  or 2 1/4″   for SB Chevy  purposes, not a larger one , unless it’s a 406 cu in or larger .   For a Big Block engine  , you will want  a 2 ¼”  for a small 396- or stock 427-  ,  a 2 7/16”  for med size engine , and 2 5/8”  to 3”  for race engines 460 and larger .    
    Here is my recommendation.  If you plan to drive it about 500-2000  miles a year, and don’t have a giant expectation of cruising along at a loping 50 mph in  high gear at 2000  rpm very much, then a mechanical injection  it may be fine for you.  
    If you want and expect a instant warm up, get up and go, and drive in much traffic , and  expect it to be something other than a Hot Rod , you might want to consider a EFI  Version of the Hilborn or Enderle.  EFI is a converted or new electronic version, and looks pretty much the same , but will do the things that mechanical injection is deficient in.

    I can put together a full mechanical system for you in a price range between $2300-$4000  .  $2300 being a manifold that is nice but not super show, a used pump, filter, shut off, by pass and secondary valves with instructions ……  In between could be moving up to a NEW fuel pump for an additional  $300 , and from there , we do things like  better filters, shut off valves etc  for an additional $200  ….so , say  $2500   total, and you only have to fab some hoses  and linkage..  Then depending on the engine, a different refurbished manifold might be another $300 more and then a package with all NEW equipment totally can move the needle to about $3200 with Enderle and $4000 with Hilborn .
    The pump can be belt driven from it’s own belt drive which doesn’t interfere with your water pump etc    or cam driven which will require moving the water pump,, which I don’t recommend on the street.  
    It will start, idle pretty well, have a choppy mid range when not under power, and run like a scalded dog , as well as look Bossy.

    Now –  Efi  ( Electronic fuel injection )
    All mechanical manifolds can be converted to EFI-  the conversion can run between $1800-$3500  depending on who does it .  $1800  might  be   you doing it by buying the parts from Mega Squirt  or someone else on the low end   …. $2400-$3500  would be one of several folks who convert  them, and depending on a ton of factors can take from 10 days to 3 months to accomplish it .  There is no assurance beyond their promise of what you might end up with, but  there have been many successful conversions, also some  unsuccessful ones.
    I am a Dealer for the Factory built Hilborn EFI units –  Hilborn pioneered this manifold, and they make a great product.   Prices run between $5500-$7400   depending on the ECU chosen, use as well as the air filters you choose.   We can also powder coat the manifold any color or polish it for an additional $400-$600.   It will start and run as a daily driver,  and have unlimited customer support .  The new Holley Self learn software  is better than F.A.S.T.  or the others.

    I would not be scared of a  mechanical setup  if you want a limited use Hot Rod ,,,,but EFI can  take you on vacation if you choose to do so …..
    Call me  weekdays between  9AM-6PM  CST at 615-457-3192 for more discussion.

    Mike Chilando

    ps….. there are no dumb questions, except the ones that you fail to ask :>)