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    Hilborn 150 pumps “ How to reverse

    Hilborn 150A and 150B  Fuel pumps: These pumps are between 40 and 50 years old – Most do not flow correctly.

    The pump is reversible – so  if the dowel pin in the front cover is on the side that says 150 it is a Belt Drive pump, if not, then take the cover off, remove the pin, (can be a bitch) and move it to the hole on the opposite side of the pump. When doing this, you will need to oil it liberally with any type of oil, and as you re-install the cover, you should turn it over and over with a 3/8 wrench or drill. If the pump binds in the least when the cover goes back on it, it won’t work. Now, old 150A and 150B pumps are antiques, so they have been run the opposite direction for a lot of years – you MAY be able to polish the gears and make it   accept the idea of reversing, or maybe not. Some will just lock up in an effort to  reverse them. There are no parts available except the front cover o ring which we have. Keep spinning it and tightening the bolts until it spins freely with NO bind and it will then be reversed  for belt drive.

    Pin on the β€œHilbornβ€œ = Cam Drive

    Pin on β€œ150”  Side = Belt Drive