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    Hidden EFI Injector Plate w/ 8 Injectors – Instructions

    This kit fits superchargerswith 6-71 style top mounting pattern.

    It has been designed to be used with an Enderle “bug” or “bird” injector.

    Injectors to use are the EV14 style. Which are also LS3/LS7/l76/l92 and l99 types. They measure 1.480”centre to centre on the o rings, and use a 14mm top o ring. These injectors use an USCAR style plug.

    If the unit is to be used on the street and good drivability is required, we recommend blanking off 1 or 2 of the butterflies in the injector by installing block off plates. This will give better throttle control at low speeds. Performance loss is minimal.

    We can supply block off plates or you can make them yourself, made from 1/8th aluminum, shaped to fit inside the injector between the butterflies, then stitch welded, followed by fully sealing with a petroleum resistant sealer.

    1. Remove the 2 bolts that hold the rear block.
    2. Remove the 1 bolt from the center tee stand.
    3. Carefully lift the 2 fuel rails, complete with tee stand and rear block off the base plate.
    4. Remove the bottom o-rings off the injectors.
    5. Apply small amount of o-ring grease to the top o-ring on the efi injectors and install into fuel rails. Taking care not to damage them.
    6. Apply grease to o-ring on bottom of rear block and place assembly onto base plate.
    7. Apply Locktite to all bolts and tighten.
    8. Connect electrical connectors to the injectors and neatly cable tie the wiring to the fuel rails, then passing them through the center hole at the rear of the base plate.
    9. Important! Use a fuel resistant sealer and completely fill the hole that the wires are passing through. Then slide the wires in and out slightly to get good coverage. Do not just put a little on the outside of the plate. (failure to do this will increase possible vacuum leak)
    10. Install the unit onto the blower with the injector over the top. Using the correct gaskets and sealers.
    11. Connect the pressure and return fuel lines to the 2 #8 fittings at the rear of the base plate.