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    Do I need to use a mechanical fuel pump with mechanical fuel injection?

    In Short- NEVER. You will need the correct flow rate Belt or cam driven mechanical Fuel pump designed to vary the pressure between 5- 150 lbs pressure – varies with rpm.

    Typically spinning at half engine speed, a mechanical pump increases system volume and pressure according to increases in RPM. The varying volume and pressure from the pump is tailored to fit the fuel demands of the engine, from idle to wide open throttle, with the use of pills (jets), a barrel valve, and assorted bypass valves.

    Because of this, the constant pressure of an electric fuel pump is not suitable with mechanical fuel injection. Don’t waste your time trying, many, many have in vain.

    We normally have every NEW Waterman, Aeromotive, Enderle  Fuel Pump made, many times we also have used-tested fuel pumps.

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