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    Changing the Rotating Direction of a Hilborn or Enderle Round 6 or 8 Bolt Front Cover Type Fuel Pump


    On a Hilborn pump,  the locating pin will be on the  ” Hilborn”   side of the pump when it is Timing cover Rotation-  It will be on the “150” Side of the pump for Belt Drives or Rear Cam drives .  
    To reverse the pump :
    Take the 8 bolts  holding the cover out,
    Put the pin in a vice and rotate the pump to get the pin out .
    You will probably not be able to rotate the pin using vice grips.

    Move the pin  to the other side ..  Be sure to tap it in straight.

    Fill the pump with oil….

    Reinstall the cover .
    Secure the bolts while  you are turning the pump over with a wrench.
    A 3/8″ Socket on a drill makes it an easier job.
    Do NOT  secure all the bolts at once.
    Continue to secure one at a time while turning  the pump.
    If it feels like it’s binding up-  Do not try to run it –  it will NOT   ” Break in”  – it WILL lock up.
    So, if it seems to bind, you must spin in backward and forward until  it frees up and turns easily.
    If you cannot make it go back together without binding up-  Send it into us  or to Hilborn for service


    Enderle pumps are marked with a V shaped make on the Front Cover of the pump
    Orient the pump so that 8 bolts on the cover are facing you  for a 80A pump or 6 Bolts facing you  for larger pumps.
    With the inlet  threads facing Down , the V Notch will be at  3 O’Clock  for timing cover drives   or  9 O’Clock  for Belt Drives .
    To Reverse the rotation:
    Remove all the cover bolts-
    Remove the cover .
    Check the O ring  for flatness –  Replace it if you need to – We stock them .
    Fill the pump with oil-  trans fluid, Marvel, Engine oil, etc.
    Rotate the V until it is in the position you desire based on the above information.
    Slightly secure two of the bolts , while continuing to turn the pump with a wrench or drill.
    If the pump binds, start over .  It CANNOT bind up and work,  it must be free to rotate  easily-
    If you force it to rotate, it WILL lock up very quickly when you start the engine.

    If you cannot get it back together, send it to us Alkydigger or back to Enderle