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    Arc Adjustment for Crosslink from Side to Side – Stack Injector

    Arc Adjustments:  Always ensure that both throttle arms are angled on the same arc  IE:  If one is straight up, the other has to be straight up also – They must travel in the same arc

    1. Remove gauging from the injector.
    2. Identify the hex link that runs to either side of the injector and the bronze throttle arms.
    3. Loosen lock nuts on either side of balance bar. One side of the balance bar will have a groove around the outside of the hex link; this is to identify a left hand thread.
    4. If gauge #2 is loose, lengthen the hex link up to a half turn.
    5. If gauge #2 is tight, shorten the hex link up to a half turn.
    6. Lightly tighten the lock nuts on the hex link.
    7. Loosen the Allen head pinch clamp screw on only one bronze throttle arm, lightly tap the butterflies on either side of the injector closed with your fingers and tighten the pinch clamp screw.
    8. Insert gauge #1 between butterfly and wall of injector. While supplying
    light pressure with your finger to hold the butterfly against the gauge, insert gauge #2 between an open butterfly on the other side of the engine. If gauge #2 has a light drag without opening the butter- fly against gauge #1, the arc is correct, proceed to line 10.
    9. If gauge #2 is still out of specification, repeat all the steps until correct spacing is accomplished.
    10. Without introducing bind in the heim joints, fully tighten hex link lock nuts.
    11. Remove gauging from the injector.
    12. Reinstall throttle return springs.
    12A.  Run the engine and after warm up, adjust the barrel valve to achieve your idle mixture- NEVER try to set idle speed with the throttle stops on the outside of the manifold.
    13. Reinstall injector stacks.