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Feedback From Our Friends

Thanks for the invoice. Again I would like to give your staff a huge thumbs up especially the 2 daughters that work there. Every time I place an order I receive a super friendly person an professional advice. It’s really enjoyable to place an order and receive that southern hospitality that you just don’t find anymore. Please pass this on I could of ordered these parts at a lot of places but It’s hard to beat your service.  

Kenny Falls / Columbia Mo.

I came down and had y’all flow a pump and set me up with hat nozzles and the port nozzles. I had the pump about 2x larger than the engine needed. The 1200 Enderle.
Wanted to follow up and tell ya you was spot on with the nozzles sizes. We changed the pump sizer from 115 all the way to a 195 to get the fuel out of it. 100 main pill and the high speed at 60 psi and a 115 pill. Feller doing the dyno wanted to stay at the 100 main pill to make changes easier for air density adjustment at the track. Prolly needed a second high speed about 7200 rpm as it was going rich again but we decided 1327 hp and 1080 ft lbs torque was more than enough for a gm bbc block.
Exhaust temps was with in 15 degrees on each cylinder. Still only 850 degrees at 7200 rpms. 35% overdrive and 18 psi.
I set the blower back 2” on that Edelbrock tunnel ram I bought from you guys. Just wanted to say thanks! I picked up almost 500 hp with y’all help. Here’s a couple pics of the manifold also

Thanks again from a
Forever a loyal custom
Dean Lickliter

Mike ,Toni and Shannon, thanks for getting the blower and parts out to me in time for the Livermore Kentucky drag boat race ,the motor ran great ,first qualifying pass went 6.26 @ 130 mph !  That was only 10percent over on the blower ! 6.00 is the index for QE ! The fastest open boat class,and there was more in it ! But being fairly new to the boat I backed it up to a 6.50 index ,I ran right on 6.5 but late I was out ,oh well that's drag racing , anyway I really appreciate it , Kentucky Drag Boat association appreciate s the sponsorship,Look forward to doing more business with ya!
David Wehunt

Great company to deal with. A wealth of experience and knowledge coupled with a fast and efficient service including the UK!

Bob Hawkins

Mike and his people have been REALLY good to work with...his knowledge and willingness to spend the time with you to explain things and make sure its right..is by far the BEST !!! Thanks for all of your help...!!! LETS RACE !!

Kenny Welch

These folds are sharp, come highly recommended and have great phone skills and patience. I bought from them and will buy from again.

Steve Place, P/M/ Corvette "Hurt Feelings"

By far the Absolute BEST customer service I have ever had...Toni and Mike are so knowledgeable...call them first with any and all questions for your build, and they will have the answers.

Dave Tazzman Hudson

Hello Mike, and Toni

A huge thank you for your guidance and referring Kurt to me. He was a big help and offered to do some more programming as I put some miles on it. With you and Kurt's help I was able to succeed with a dream of mine. It feels so much better to get it done with help. At one point I was ready to give up and pay for it but so glad I didn't.

Thank you so much
Tiger Allison

I spoke to Mike on Thursday and he was so helpful that I had to say thanks…as I told Mike, you have all my injection business from now on!!
Mike Bagley
Facebook....Mike Bagley or Bagley & Hill Motorsports

Hi Mike,

Went racing with my vintage midget Saturday for the first time with the new Enderle 80A-0 pump I got from you.  The car started easy and ran perfect with the 110 pill you recommended.  I was a little worried that the changeover form old Hilborn pump to new Enderle would need a little extra "tuning". 

The pill you recommended to start with was perfect.  Engine ran crisp with max rpm right where I wanted it.  For each track we go to I change gear ratio  in the quick change rear end to try and get the engine to run 6300-6400 rpm max.  When I come into the pits after a run on the track my tach holds the highest RPM.  

I didn't change the pill you suggested all day.  RPM was perfect, idle perfect, no sound of being lean and the car started easier than before on the push off.  (we have to push start cars)

In the main event I came in second to a car that has a bigger engine, more HP and spends cubic $$ on the  car.  We were side by side for 13/15 laps and put on a great show, and I finished right on his bumper.   

Thank you for all your help,

ps:  I will send you a picture of this last race when I get them. 

Jim DeJong
Pacifica, CA

Hey Mike,

I wanted to take a quick moment and again thank you for all the help with my dad (Steve Wright) and I during the 2017 season on our swap over to injected alcohol on his FED. He ended up class champion, we both won almost every race we drove and have no idea why we didn't swap to injection earlier.

Well..... Now it's my time, for my own car. We've been building up a little 125" wb altered to run with the group and do some brackets and maybe even a sportsman category. As we decided to do something we haven't done before with his...... we again are venturing into new territory with mine. 

Weiand 177 Blower on a SBC. Now looking through your site, most the stuff you have deals with larger blowers, do you deal with anything in this range? For our first year we are planning on running a 750 holly alky carb with it. And I would like eventually to be able to make the switch over to injected. 

Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated as you are a name we trust as do plenty of other great race teams we know. 

Thanks in advance as always.

Andre:   A 192 Blower Shop Billet Blower is FAR Better solution than a cheaply made Weiand 177   . 

Being from the cold dark north, and a long way from any tracks still open, the season for Pelissier Family Racing has come to an end. We had a very successful summer including good showings at the Meltdown Drags and the Fall Fall Out. The Scout is “finally” running as it should. It ripped off a best 1/8th mile times of 6.05 / 117. This is with a very soft tune and timid launches. There will be a 5.90 very soon in the new season. The Scout made a bunch of print and internet magazines with our wheel standing antics. The Prefect was also running strong with et’s in the very low 10’s… but it’s loud (very loud) and does hellacious burnouts. It has also become a fan and media favorite with pictures in print and all over the media including a feature in Roadkill Magazine.

The performance of both of these machines has been in most part due to your direct personal involvement and the parts and services from Alkydigger. The service and professionalism shown by you all has been outstanding. Your infinite amount of patience with us has been very much appreciated and your shipping and service have always been as promised. You folks have been a pleasure to deal with.

As we settle into the long darkness of our Canadian winters, we are already planning our events for 2018. We anticipate using your knowledge and services further even if it’s simply to maintain our existing equipment or stock up on spares. We’ll be in touch shortly for those items.

Thank you very much for being part of our very successful year.
Have a great Thanksgiving, have a wonderful Holiday Season and a safe and bountiful New Years


Dave and Lori Pelissier
1963 Scout Gasser

Paul Pelissier
Megan Pelissier
1949 Ford Prefect

Hey Mike!

Just want to give you and the crew a huge thanks, i had set out goals of getting this small block into the tens with the wheels off the ground this year and I went way past that, hope to lighten the car this winter a bit as well my wife likes your idea of putting a "sniff" of Nitro into it, she has already been looking into the availability of Nitromethane up here in Canada, on that note I'l need you to  put together a list of parts and pieces to make it succesful as well as requirements of my engine, ie camshaft, clearances, compression ratio, etc (it's going to the machine shop this winter so anything we need to do we can pull off)

Tracy and Trevor Vogel
Merville BC Canada

Tracy and Trevor Vogel - Wheels Up

So a quick update, set max rpm at 8500, went and raced, went all the way to the semis and lost at the finish line by .007 sec, going to have to get a little sharper on the line! Lol! Ran 6.95 all Sunday! Very consistent! Thanks a lot for your help Mike!!

Trevor Vogel

Mike, Thank your 'Super Crew' for the fast response for my order and fast shipping. I don't know who all was involved but I talked to Shani and she was putting it together. So a super thanks to Shani. Although, I know that all of your team and you always give a 150%.
If I would have called Hilborn (or another injector company) they would have probably told me to put the injector in a box and send it to them. If I would have called someone in New York; they would have told me 'it was Friday and I was crazy asking for prompt help'. But, when I call the Alkydigger crew the response is ' OK, what do you need, how can we help'. Thanks again to Shani, Toni, and you for the great support.
Also, Thank you for the great support for the 'barrel valve' problem I had ( I did it to myself, when I should have known better). You taught me real well, back when we put it together. Thanks to you I really do understand how it works. I just get an attack of 'brain fade' every once in a while. Thanks again for being there ready to help. And THANKS again to Shani for the great support.

Morris Bussey

Hi Mike/Toni,

After a brief delay in UK customs the Hilborn arrived today! Thank you so much for all of your help, the extra mile you go to is really appreciated. I'm in love with the injector!! Will send you some photos for your site once we've got the car built up.

Huge thank you again,


Hope you guys are doing well. Just thought I’d let you know my car made the cover and was featured in this month’s issue of RPM MAGAZINE (march 2016). Also ALKYDIGGER was mentioned in tech sheet for my car. The car is starting to receive a lot of interest lately, and are looking at some events this year. Just wanted to share the press with you. Hey Mike I’m also thinking about that Hilborn air cleaner for my 4-port injector, let me know on availability.

Thanks for everything,
Keith O'Fallon



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Hi Mike,
           I received my Injection nozzle lines for my Sprint Car today. They are absolutely perfect. Your staff did a great job in filling my order, and I will be proud to put your Stickers on my race cars. Thanks again,

~ Sincerely,   Kevin Ellertson 

Here you go Mike and crew. Thanks for all your help over the past 2 years. Last year you helped me understand stack injection on my 355ci small block and this year I installed a blown 509ci Chevy with a bunch of your blower parts and scoop. I ran with the Ohio AA gassers this year and never have raced so much in a year to date. We all appreciate you sponsoring us. Hope to see you at the banquet.

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~ Marty Stead

My name is Ken Bauer of Peoria,Arizona and would like to thank Mike for the technical advise on a Enderle 8 stack injection. The information and knowledge he gave was right on the money. I purchased the parts needed that Mike advised and the engine ran perfect. Thanks again Mike.  

Just wanted to pass along another thank you for all your help yesterday.Ya'll made us feel as if we were just a part of your family.In 40 plus years of racin I have never had that kind of welcome before,and to Mike,thank you so much for passing along just alittle bit of your vast knowledge that you shared with me i know it will pay off in the 2014 season.And to shannon the "cleaning lady" it really looks good again.
Have a great day
rich wetmore

Aloha, Mike & Toni-

     Received the neat t-shirts yesterday!
Also, thanks for the GUMBO recipe and stickers!
Should be interesting cruising around in your tees at our local rod runs.
Appreciate your great customer service too.


David K. Alama, Jr.

Hi Mike, Just thought I'd drop a line and say thank you for the service
book also the rib rub which we will have a go at i do like the Tequila
part but by the time it's marinated I'd be to.
also thanks for the stickers already put one on the beer fridge i will eventually get some injection for the SBC in my 72 gmc pickup i just need to learn about them and will pick your brain for a good price on a complete setup.

Time for another beer.



Rod GardRod Gard

The parts worked out perfect, and the T Shirt makes me look Fine as Wine .



Thank's so much for the quick responce on the broken mag cap! It"s a joy to
do business with a man that stands up to his word.
Thank's again,

Don Ferguson

Hey Mike,

Thank you, I appreciate your taking care of this. I will box them up and get them out of the door tomorrow.

Hope all is well.

I will let you know when I have mailed out the nozzles. 

Thanks, we appreciate you helping us out. If it is alright with you we can put Alkydigger on our car, let us know! 

Jim Clark

PS: We are running the balance of the injection parts that Don purchased from you on our current injection. The barrel valve, the hoses, and the #14 nozzles that I purchased from you off of Ebay. The car is flying. It really runs well. I just thought that you might like to know that.

Just wanted to tell you Mike your exceptional on your follow up and help with your customers. I'm not just blowing smoke. We restore all types of cars here and I've had this shop for over 20 years and it's hard to get any company to respond to their tech support e mail. We end up getting frustrated because of that. Your actually the best I've ever seen to respond to the needs of customers.

-- Rob Hyde, Ohio


307 White Bridge Pike
Nashville, TN 37209

9:30 AM - 5 PM M-F CST

Sales & Orders: Toni, Shannon, Mike

Tech Questions returned when time permits
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FAX: 615-873-1876

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