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    TBS 2051  Chrysler 426  Hemi   Blower Package -"Billet"

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      Purchase TBS 2051 Chrysler 426 Hemi Blower Package -"Billet"

      SKU: TBS-2051-426-pkg
      TBS 2051 Chrysler 426 Hemi 426 Blower Package -"Billet" 14-71 Blower Polished 2V Accessory


      Black Anodize Complete package $995:

      14-71   Blower Complete Setup -426   16 bolt   Hemi-  polished * -  Ready to Run - Billet  Case , Billet Rotors

       Chrysler 426 Hemi  w 16 bolt manifold 

      14-71   Blower Shop Blower - All new  Polished  Except Manifold 


      *Satin Indy   Aluminum Intake Manifold

      8-71 Billet  Supercharger- new gears-new seals-bearings-rotors- polished

      Aluminum Studs and Nuts (Black Anodized)

      Billet Snout with Heat Treated Main Shaft and Coupler (1-1/4" - 48 Spline)  3.90"

      6.90 " Snout with a 2V Accessory  pulley

      1" Pulley spacer

      8MM Drive Pulleys (-12% Unless Otherwise Specified)

      8MM - 75 Blower Belt   1440 mm

      #4100 Billet Idler Pulley and Stand   #4212

      #4120 Idler Bracket and Stands (#4130 Swing Arm Available Upon Request)

      Lower Accessory Pulley (3 Bolt Chevy Pattern)

      Billet Carb Adapter (#4300 Dual 4150 Style Unless Otherwise Specified) (Carb Adapter can be deleted below)

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      Install and GO


      We stock Innovators West Harmonic Balancers and RCD Blower Hubs

      You can choose to run without a balancer since the blower belt absorbs the harmonic vibrations. Some engine Builders however  insist on a Balancer, so we like to do what they want.  Balancers begin at $490 and go up depending on keyway, and if you need crank trigger  magnets. Hubs are around $240 and up - they are all double keyway.



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