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    Chevy SB  Blower Package - 10-71 high helix  TBS

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      Purchase Chevy SB Blower Package - 10-71 high helix TBS

      SKU: TBS-2039-SB
      Chevy SB Blower Package - 10-71 high helix TBS



       Blower Shop 10-71 Complete Small  Block Chevy Special


      2039   Billet  Polished  14-71 Stripped for Gas, or Alcohol,  high helix , center discharge. w Sight glass and pressure relief valve 

       Blower Shop Rec port intake manifold w pop off valve

      Gaskets -Studs kit -

      1V accessory  pulley - or 2V your choice 

      8mm Polished Drive system - any ratio we decide on  from 20% under to 25% over  ( custom for your engine )

      Polished manifold with pop off , studs, gaskets.

      Blower Shop  Snout assembly

      Snout mounted  or Blower mounted idler assembly.

      1 qt  Synthetic Blower lubricant

      Polished carb. Top for 1x 4150 or 2 x 4150 or 1 -4500 or 2-4500 

      you will need a Big Block Crank Snout , Or a crankshaft support  if you have a standard  snout .

      Ready to Install

      * will require either a Crab cap distributor, or a 4" Blower spacer  to allow the blower to clear the distributor.   We can also move the distributor/magneto to the front of the engine and /or use our Dunn Offset drive to relocate the magneto. 

      2039  Billet 10-71 stripped for Gas or Alcohol  or E-85   -V opening with rectangular opening ( Modified delta )  for good cooling  and boost .  *    Street or Light Racing -    for all out alcohol racing - look at 2033 or 2036   


      We stock Innovators West Harmonic Balancers and RCD Blower Hubs

      You can choose to run without a balancer since the blower belt absorbs the harmonic vibrations. Some engine Builders however  insist on a Balancer, so we like to do what they want.  Balancers begin at $450 and go up depending on keyway, and if you need crank trigger  magnets. Hubs are around $190 and up - they are all double keyway.