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      Pro Calc Fuel Program - Try it FREE for 8 Days Calculate your flow and by pass needs





      Get the most power out of your fuel-injected engine
      at all hours of the day at any track you race!

      Join today and virtually jet your engine!

      With a ProCalc membership, you get 1 year of access to 4 fuel injection jetting calculators that will enable you to virtually jet your MFI engine according to the local weather and elevation. You also get weather updated much more frequently in the tracks list.


      Why do I need this?

      - weather changes throughout the day
      Maintain your optimum setup from the cool early morning to the heat of the afternoon.

      - differences between tracks
      Adjust to different elevations and weather patterns easily when traveling to different tracks.

      - gain control over your fuel system
      Keep track of your system performance including system pressure and air/fuel ratio.

      - save time
      Know what your jetting is in the click of a button. No more time wasted on trial and error.

      - plan ahead
      Be ready to race right out of the trailer by planning the day before.

      - test your system with nitro
      Know how to adjust your setup with different percentages of nitro.

      - portable, accessible from anywhere
      If you have a smartphone, you have your jetting calculator with you everywhere you go.

      - simple to set up
      Set up your first baseline and you are ready to start running calculations!

      What can it do?

      - store 3 different baselines
      Easily switch between your methanol-only and nitro setup. Or switch between your high and low altitude setup.

      - add the current weather to your calculation
      Browse the current weather at your track then click to add it seamlessly to your calculations.

      - export data as a csv file
      Maintain your records by exporting your data to a spreadsheet program.

      - air/fuel ratio calculator
      Find your optimum air/fuel ratio or test your modifications for air/fuel ratio changes.

      - calculate main bypass and system pressure
      Find out how much to adjust your main bypass. Find out how to modify your fuel system pressure.

      - recalculate specific engine nozzles
      Run calculations on specific nozzles to see how they compare to the rest.

      even more...

      - extensive user guide, helpful videos, faq's
      - get more frequently updated weather
      - get a customized setup with ProTune