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    31500  Jesel Belt Drive SB Chevy 265-400  + .391" Raised  Standard Snout

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      Purchase 31500 Jesel Belt Drive SB Chevy 265-400 + .391" Raised Standard Snout

      SKU: KBD-31500
      31500 Jesel Belt Drive SB Chevy 265-400 + .391" Raised Standard Snout



      31500 JESEL

      Jesel’s 2 piece Belt Drive Timing Systems are designed for SB Chevy  with  + .391" Raised  height Cam  and Standard SB snout.   applications. Jesel Belt Drives are built with the finest materials and coatings, have excellent installation instructions and come with everything you need for installation.

      • Gates High Torq Drive™ Reinforced Belt
      • Steel Crank Pulley
      • For Standard Cam Height Applications
      • Hard Coated Billet Aluminum Top Pulley
      • Teflon Coated High Vacuum Cam & Crank Seals Standard
      • Easy, Infinite Cam Timing Adjustment
      • Innovation is at the forefront of any product produced by Jesel and that’s why our Camshaft Belt Drive Systems are one of the most sought after components in the racing industry today. From the first prototype camshaft belt drive ever manufactured by Dan Jesel back in 1982 to the sleekness of today’s CNC machined pieces, Jesel Camshaft Belt Drives continue to lead the industry as the premiere camshaft belt drive assembly. In the never ending quest for more horsepower, engine builders in the 1970’s began using larger cam lobes which in turn required stiffer springs. The stiffer springs allowed the engine to turn more rpm, but eventually became too much for a timing chain to handle. At the time, gear drives were the only solution, but they bring with them their own set of problems. Gear drives transfer a tremendous amount of crankshaft harmonics to the valvetrain, not to mention taking incredible amounts of horsepower to drive. As necessity is the birth of most components in high performance engines, the Jesel Camshaft Belt Drive was created to solve these problems.

        Recognizing the need for improvement, Dan Jesel did what he does best. Using internal cam belt assemblies as a blueprint, Dan engineered a system to externally adapt this technology to a small block Chevrolet. After sourcing a belt and gathering material, Dan went to work manufacturing the prototype pieces and in conjunction with a local engine builder successfully built and tested the drive on a NHRA Competition Eliminator engine. The results were more than impressive and the dyno numbers proved it.

        Today, all Jesel Belt Drives feature extremely accurate externally adjustable cam timing to fine tune the engines power curve. The camshaft can be changed by simply removing the upper pulley and cam seal plate. Teflon® coated cam and crank seals insure proper oil and vacuum sealing. The Gates High Torq Drive™ belts are engineered to handle well over 1200 lbs of spring pressure and are custom made to Jesel specs to insure the proper belt tension. And on certain applications, we have cam adapter assemblies capable of reducing camshaft endplay down to as low as .001”.

        To date, Jesel has engineered an arsenal of over 40 belt drive assemblies. So, whether you’re on a six second pass down a quarter mile drag strip, racing in a 24 hour endurance race or just taking a trip down to the local car show, you can be assured that the components controlling your cam timing are of the highest standards and machined to exacting tolerances.

      • Patented High Torq Drive™ reinforced belt operates dry and spins with less friction than timing chains or gear drives and also absorbs harmonics.
      • Cam timing adjustment is made externally providing the easiest and most accurate tuning available.
      • Teflon® coated high vacuum cam and crank seals.
      • Crank Pulley is heat-treated steel and incorporates a High Torq Drive™ tooth configuration.
      • Cam timing is externally adjustable
      • Kit hardware is all Grade 8 Allen and Torx™ head design.
      • 2 Piece Upper Pulley Design is infinitely adjustable ±10°.
      • Solid Upper Pulley Design is adjustable ±8° in 2° increments.
      • Hard coated Billet Aluminum Upper Pulley features patented High Torq Drive™ tooth configuration.
      • Accessories available to run distributor drives, fuel pumps or oil pumps off front of cam.


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