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    Holley Alkydigger Conversion Kit for Blown Engines supports up to 850 hp easily

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      Purchase Holley Alkydigger Conversion Kit for Blown Engines supports up to 850 hp easily

      SKU: HLY-550-Blwn
      Holley Alkydigger Conversion Kit for Blown Engines - Gas- up to 1000HP



      Alkydigger  Fuel injection is proud to offer the Holley line of ECUs and fuel injection components. Focusing on the Holley HP, this ECU offers premier fuel and spark control, while also giving the user the option to tune with  a laptop or I pad .  . In addition, advancements in self learning make the Holley HP one of the easiest ECUs to use, while still providing all of the control required by the professional.

      Holley’s advanced self learning system is one of the best that we’ve seen and can tune IR manifolds such as a Hilborn without trouble. Even applications with aggressive camshafts can successfully take advantage of Holley’s self tuning programming.

      The choice is yours  .  A base calibration custom designed for your application will already be downloaded to your ECU. 
      Injectors : 8  96 or 110  lb per hour injectors
      Fuel Pump, Regulator, Filters
      Holley HP ECU  self managed
      TPS remote  Switch
      IAC  Air control remote
      O2 Sensor
      Injector plate  -  TBS polished Billet
      You will be able to :
      ·  Target Air/Fuel values for idle, cruise and WOT
      ·  TPS Autoset
      ·  Fuel injector size and fuel system pressure
      ·  Spark Parameters
      ·  IAC Control
      ·  Learn Parameters
      ·  Sensor monitoring
      ·  Coolant enrichment
      ·  MAP and TPS acceleration enrichment
      ·  Closed Loop Parameters
      ·  Idle Parameters
      ·  Cranking and afterstart fueling

      ·  Data logging

      Included is :

      Weldon 1100 fuel pump or Aeromotive 

      Aeromotive  regulator

      Dual Fuel Filters for extra filtration

      Holley HP or Dominator ECU

      Wiring harness for 8  Injectors

      O2 Sensor kit

      Injectors for your specific application


      Main and sub harnesses-

      TPS Billet remote mounted


      Supercharged applications  require lap top access, or for those that prefer it, the HP has many features that make it one of the most versatile ECUs on the market. Easy to navigate software and a trouble free USB connection allow you to tune like a pro in no time.

      After downloading, accessing the “help” file will allow you to view detailed installation instructions along with wiring schematics, pin out charts and tuning instructions. After purchase, the professionals at Hilborn Injection will create a base startup program for your application and supply detailed tuning tips, along with providing the very best in technical support.